Having your store brand on packaging

I should know this, and I had at one point known where to look, but now I can’t find it.

Am I allowed to have my brand/logo on my packaging? I don’t sell my own items, I am a reseller in the games and hobbies area. I have a sticker with my logo on it that I affix to the boxes that I send to customers. This version of my logo has no URL or other site-driving info other than my company name. Is this allowed?

I use my logo, care instructions and a biz card with my amazon store url


The short answer is yes. Unless you are using this to brand the product in which case the answer is no.

Assuming my memory is accurate, seller help talks about this for branding on products and how it has to be done. I remember reading it years ago, but it may have changed since then.


@SoldBySelf do you mean the outer packaging, to ship to a customer? As you said, it’s just a logo. It should be fine.