Hello and thanks to Its_all_Nuts_again

So glad I found this forum! Only because of Its_all_Nuts_again posting on Oneida’s Spam Alert post on Amazon forums! Loved that little tidbit of spamming!

Just wanted to say Hello to everyone and especially to fellow handmade sellers! The handmade forums are empty since NSFE arrived. It’s actually a little bit amusing watching the mods open posts in the handmade forums trying to get handmade sellers to interact, only to have the post sit empty or more amusing still… another mod feels bad and responds to a mod opened post for lack of interaction. My daughter says this is “Cringe!”

Was wondering if anyone from handmade also saw a huge decrease (50% for me overnight) in sales in June? I along with a handful of others who still post in handmade forums have experienced a drastic and sudden change is sales, visibilty and ad response. Mods provide lip service to our questions and woes while handmade account managers say “thank you for the info” and provide no explanation. I know @ModernSwitch (Hello!) has posted in Amazon handmade forums as well. Just wondering if anyone else has any insight.


welcome, here and well, you are welcome…


This is how I got here as well. I see lots of posters missing from the forums on Amazon. I have to say, they are sorely missed.

Amazon made its bed though. And now they get to deal with it.


If you think amazon cares you are sorely mistaken


Amazon has (obviously) never cared about sellers receiving help.

They care about Amazon’s appearance.

Providing the forum makes them look good (or better anyway)

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I second these remarks! I was absolutely delighted to find out from the “spam” posts on the Amazon forum where all my favorite posters (mentors, really) went after the disasterous NFSE was launched. I don’t think I would still be in business today without the pearls of wisdom from these folks gathered over the past 6 years. THANK YOU for coming here to continue sharing your knowledge and advise. I am a used book seller, and hope to find an easy way here to home in on book related topics/people.
Again, THANKS!


I am a used book seller, and hope to find an easy way here to home in on book related topics/people.

Welcome to SAS Gamis. There’s a private bookseller’s area here that you may find useful. You can request to be added here -

Click the ‘Newbies, please click for important info’ arrow, and follow the instructions.