Helping a brand with their listings

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This morning I received a copywrite infringement complaint from a publisher of some books. These books were purchased by me, as a reseller, directly from them. The listing I was selling on definitely had some bad info - it was created by someone other than the publisher.

I reached out to them (kindly) to retract the complaint offering to either remove my offer, leave my offer up to sell out of the remaining inventory, or to help them with their listings. To my delight the publisher apologized for putting my account at risk, they are still learning Amazon themselves. The complaint will be retracted (but I will keep an eye on that).

They would like assistance with setting up listings for their products. At this time I do not believe they are brand registered (something I am trying to clarify with them). Some questions I have:

  1. Do they NEED to be brand registered to allow me to help them out?
  2. I believe they need to add me to their account in some way to allow me access to make changes - is that correct?
  3. Any other advice the experienced amongst you could offer?

Many thanks!


The ability to control and fully edit a listing often depends on being brand registered. I would suggest leaning on them to get brand registered before getting involved.

I don’t think so, they should be able to have Amazon list you as an “agent” or something. I’ve never gone through the process so I’m not really sure.

Be very careful about making sure your accounts do not get entangled.


Maintak is 100% correct - unless you’re a professional consultant with entirely different credentials than your amazon credentials (rhetorical) - I would not try to become a non-admin user on their account - can lead to a lot of potential problems - there are too many horror stories of linked accounts where both accounts get suspended for a single violation.

Let them get their Brand Registry.

Once they do, they will have proof of brand ownership and can make changes accordingly - where changes even if not reflected on listing can be forced through Brand Registry Support.


I’m going to page @oneida_books to this topic. His time is very limited during this season, so if he hops on, I want him to be sure and see this! :grin:


Issue #1 - “Publisher”

I’m not sure how well BR works for them as opposed to brand owners.

Issue #2 - Books

Their PDP’s are hard to get changed most times.

Issue #3 - Brand Registry support

They very often are no help at all.

Now …

  1. The quickest way to get things fixed is most likely for them to get B.R.
  2. Under B.R. they can give you certain rights under Brand Registry roles
  3. Don’t go with User Permission to their account, although I’ve never had any issues with it.

:pray: Thank you @oneida_books !


Thanks so much! Your experience is always appreciated!

One question for clarification -

What do you mean “Don’t go with”? To me that sounds like not having them add me to their brand registry. I’m not saying I NEED this - I am very happy to help them in any way, and think their listings could look many times better than what was previously listed for their products (not by them). I would like to help in the most sensible way possible. I have NO plans to log into anyone else’s account, nor would I be logging into my account in the same physical location as them.

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“User Permission” and having a “Role” under B.R. are totally different things. Read up about them, first with the link I gave for B.R.


I did read through the link, but this is where I get confused:


It looks like assignment of roles is managed through User Permissions.

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