Here we go again - Spice Grinder - CASE 13309752311

CASE 13309752311


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no to drugs

Isn’t Spice an illicit drug?
So given no other context it is drug paraphernalia because the word spice is used (and not even the plural spices).

Perhaps replace the word spice with Peppercorns, Nutmeg, Cumin, Coriander, Tumeric, Red Pepper, Cardamom, etc if indeed it is for grinding seasoning spices used in cooking food.


When is the last time you thought, “Gee, I really wish I had brought along a little grinder and some peppercorns in my pocket. A dash would just make this sandwich and ■■■■■■■ come alive.” You don’t, why? Right because it would

A) Be really unsanitary
B) There is a much better way…


OP: I believe my product is only for spice mills so I do appear for both ASINs after reversing every listing content. …Also, I showed them a lot of the same product images selling on Amazon.

Reply: Just because there are other listings doesn’t mean you can sell yours; they are currently flying under the radar but will eventually get caught.

:thinking: Sometimes but only sometimes I do wonder whether a few individuals genuinely have no idea that these are paraphernalia because they probably have been convinced to buy and resell the item by unscrupulous suppliers/cobsultants/VAs, who likely point to allllll the other offers already available.

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If it’s “K2” - yes.

If it’s harvested on Arrakeen - not so much…



The spice must flow


ICWYDT. Shai-Hulud!

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TBH, my kid came up with a great idea.

He said “Hey dad… How about we pull off all those leaves of catnip and let them dry out then put them in the “pepper-thingy” so we can just grind up catnip on the cat bed without having to open a bag and chop it up”

First thing came to my mind was, my 10 year old sells drug paraphernalia on Amazon…

Their supplier told them they are spice grinders.

MOST of these caught in this are from China, and they have NO CLUE, their supplier has said they are X, I sell X.

Honestly most Chinese sellers have no idea what they are selling, Supplier gives them an excel list, and they list and send to Amazon.


Same paradigm goes far to explain how the Silk Road Initiative (aka “Belt and Road”) begat Turkish Furminators & Pakistani VAs…

Let me be very clear, Ignorance is no excuse


In their post, the OP says that Amazon reinstated B0CBP1LX7L, I think they meant to say →B0CBNPNW6X because it still shows on Amz (unavailable), but thankfully because it’s a parent they can’t add any offers to it and it’s not searchable.

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If only we could change the bullet points

  • Holds 3 grams/one dime

Or the Manufacturer’s name displayed on the Parent ASIN B0CBNPNW6X’s PDP:

“Terwine smoke accesorres Co,. Ltd”


That gave me a good chuckle!! :laughing: :laughing:

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Once the ASIN has been flagged it is …toast
It’s understandable how a seller could be confused.


They would all look great in a high end kitchen! Oh Wait.

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“High” being the operative word.

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I count at least 20 :triangular_flag_on_post: if this was OSFE.

It is nice being amongst adults with a sense of humor.

EDIT: though we see how useless flags are on NSFE, bet the posts would all stay up for a week