Hightest Volume Asin... In Wrong Category

Ahh, not sure what to do here.

My ASIN does a lot of volume, has subscribers… but just discovered in recent Full Report from SAS that the ASIN is in the category: 4000 Occupational Health & Safety (328)

The other two children are in the more appropriate category of: 1000 Litter & Odor

I think the perfect spot for all of them is : Category 1000 Litter & Odor Sub Cat 1005 Waste Bags

What’s strange, is that even though the ASIN is being reported in the wrong category in the report, the breadcrumbs on the listing look correct:

Pet Supplies › Dogs › Litter & Housebreaking › Pooper Scoopers & Bags › Bags

So not sure if this is something I want to request changed or not. This is my highest revenue and highest volume product, so don’t want to toy with it too much. But, on the other hand, if there is gains from being in right subcategory, I’d like to try. Wonder if they can A/B test

Any thoughts?


If it’s selling well I’d let sleeping dogs lie.

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Could have been a bot trying to execute a change that is part of the new attribute alignment that Amazon announced it was putting into play.

Can you look back in history and verify that it has always been listed this way or establish that this represents a recent change?

We agree with your caution.


Good question. How would I do that though? The breadcrumbs definitely haven’t changed, and I don’t believe the subcategory is shown in Category Listing report (of which I have a few old ones of those).

Try using the Wayback Machine

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Where your listing appears in search is all that matters.

It is very, VERY odd, if I understand this correctly, that you have a variation family that is split on category. I don’t even know how this happens.

I’m a broken record but what does your SAS manager say about this? This is not a complex issue.

This sounds more like a backend glitch rather than a real problem. All that matters is what the customer sees and where the listing is showing in search.

As someone who is obsessed with perfection and common sense, this would really bother me. With that said, and with your continuing record of some of the weirdest problems I have ever seen with an established seller, I wouldn’t touch it but I would ask SAS their opinion and potential solution before doing anything. I’d still probably not touch anything but would ask them to take a look.

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lol. I know. When going through the report I immediately paused on why a category I’ve never heard of was my top mover.

He said a simple SAS Self Service Task would get it “fixed”.

And yes, it’s a family of 3 ASINs and 1 ASIN is wrong, and it’s the highest volume ASIN of the 3. (and my highest volume ASIN in general)


If it ain’t broke Ryan, don’t fix it…

I’d just close my eyes when looking at the report. Like I’ve said in the past, when we set up a listing, we spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over every single detail with the objective of never editing it again.

IMHO, there’s no upside here it would appear. Why take the risk?

All of the above being stated after careful consideration of the situation.


Agreed with everyone. Don’t touch it.

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I’ve had that happen to me on several occasions. And yes, I can’t figure out for the life of me how that happens. I’ve even had hijackers change the brand name of one or two of the child variants while the other child variants remained correct.

Completely agree.

Touchest thou not!