Hit a Feedback Milestone Today!! Didn't hurt (much)!!

After 12+ years and counting, finally hit 3000 feedback today!! Much to man-of-the house’s astonishment, I danced across the loft, where we started our on-line adventure, singing an abbreviated version of the Hallelujah Chorus.

With my handy-dandy calculator, equals 250 per year. That seems extremely high!! Since we’ve only received 95 in the last year, customer willingness to leave FB is definitely dwindling!!

Now I can really let go! Be as abrupt/mean to buyers as I wish :scream: No longer vent in e-mails, then delete personal feelings and rewrite in a business-like manner. Nix attempting to be diplomatic, with my best customer face forward!! Gets extremely tiring, you bet…

Beyond the sarcasm, we have, on the whole whole, decent/cooperative buyers who have responded to our one polite FB request, written on the back of the packing slip. So thanks to all of them!

Since picking up the newspaper or watching newscasts are extremely depressing these days, wanted to share a little positive news!! .


I was happy to see we reached 37000 this week. :grinning:

With such low FB over the last few years 40000 seems a long way off :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah, it’s crazy. Feedback is so rare here.

Got a neg on eBay today; drops us to something like 99.4% for last 12 months (and no, it’s not plastic; it’s really what we said it is).
But on Amazon, one neg in the last year has us at 95%. And that due (in part) to catalog error, although I’ll admit I should have caught that it was softcover not hardcover as stated (but ISBN was for softcover)


I have hit a milestone as well, 0 Feedback since July of last year.
At this point any negatives will seriously tank our rating.


Well, now I’m depressed…

I ramped up on Amazon about that long ago and at some point in 2012 or 2013 I hit 3000 active listings. Eventually topped out a bit over 5500 a year or so later and have been contracting since then.

Lifetime (about 14 1/2 years) of a whopping 1312 and a massive 37 in the past 365 days says that you sell a lot more than I do, and, frankly at my age I’m fine with letting you young pups do the heavy lifting for Amazon fees… :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

I’m trying to figure out if there are any ‘Buyers Anonymous’ meetings that I can find in the area so I can wind down more…


We’ve had a half-dozen of the above: hardcovers sold as trades or Mass Markets sold as hardcovers in the last couple months.(Our CONDITION NOTES always reflect binding and the SBN/ISBN is often wrong by a coupla digits-but there it appears, by magic, in the wrong category!!

We usually upgrade shipping for the error(usually not ours but dear ol’ AMAZON). Effects mostly older titles(90% of our inventory) w/ limited “other editions.” We tell the customer that it’s AMZ’s fault, attempting to clean up their catalog, which it desperately needs. .

Remember merge notices? Sometimes, back when we had much less inventory, we’d get 40 in a day. I’d check nearly every one, wondering what we’d done wrong; the reason I’m aware of the platform’s bad habit. Wish the notices would return-but anything useful, TPTB quashes!!


Thanks for the “young pup” designation. That’s as complimentary as when, years and years ago, at 50, when I was still coloring my hair(it’s gone white since) and fighting the aging process w/ every fiber of my being, I was asked for my ID in a restaurant when ordering a Margarita! The whole table, long-time friends from high-school, erupted in laughter,

I’m O-L-D! But like myself much better now I’m willing to admit it. Can’t do the heavy lifting-my husband or children deal w/ boxes since have back/spine issues and two shoulder replacements(the bane of booksellers!). Though bookselling is a dying business, hope it’ll see us out!


Especially when you’re constantly having to deal with ill-parameterized Amabots shutting down Offer-Listings with the evidentially-unsupportable excuse that ‘Legal said so,’ as you have eloquently pointed out time and again - such as in your responses to Cooper’s NSFE discussion here:



Yep. IIRC, it was about 50/50 as to if my offer was affected; often because the binding changed, or Large Print being merged with regular. Probably the most important information that Amazon could give us; so they stopped it, stating that it “wasn’t useful”.

I suspect that at least a couple of my incorrect listings have been the result of bad merges.


Only a couple? Consider yourself lucky.

I wonder how many thousands of hijacked ASINs could have been prevented if that system were still in place.

So many BAD decisions have been made that anyone into conspiracy theories might conclude that much of the destruction has been intentional by certain insiders with vested interests offshore.


Well, we’re on the smaller side (our eBay store is much bigger than the Amazon store), and while I have my fair share of “popular” titles, those tend to sell fairly quickly before they can get totally messed up; much of what I have is a bit more obscure, and there simply aren’t multiple versions to get wrongly combined.

But wouldn’t surprise me if there are a few dozen waiting for me to catch.

Of course, the irony of the improper mergers is that it’s nearly impossible to get a merger when it’s appropriate (favorite example was denied because of different publication dates; as if a book on WWII fighter jets was actually published in 1900 as indicated).