Holiday shipping - semi-rant

I just received a book order - hooray! I received notification of the order on July 3 around 6:00 pm (Central Time Zone), The buyer is in the Pacific Time Zone. Since tomorrow is July 4 and the post office will be closed, the order will not go out until Wednesday, July 5.

Here’s the kicker: the buyer chose expedited shipping. I can do expedited but I’m wondering, if the buyer really needed this book fast, why did they wait until late afternoon to make the purchase? If I had received the order earlier I could have sent it out today and theoretically the buyer would have received it sooner.

Planning, anticipating needs, and awareness of holiday schedules will do much to give the buyer a better shopping experience on Amazon, but the buyer has to do these things him/herself. Sellers cannot do these for the buyer.

(end of rant)


We received a ‘Next Day’ on Friday, we could’ve still made UPS, but to have it delivered overnight for Saturday delivery was over $80. It’s normally $40 to NY which is what the customer paid.
The due date on the order was Monday, so we purchased shipping for Monday delivery. The customer would’ve been told at checkout that Next Day was going to arrive Monday. It was delivered today and we didn’t hear from them over the weekend, so it appears all is A-Ok

Orders have to come in before the cutoff time to qualify,
When is the Deliver by date on the order?


Ship by date: July 5 - 6, 2023
Deliver by date: July 10 - 13, 2023

If I send the order by Priority Mail, it should make it to its west coast destination in plenty of time. It’s a flat softcover book which should ship easily in a Priority padded envelope.

What was frustrating to me is that I shipped another package earlier today. That one was ordered early enough in the day for me to prepare it and take it to the post office in plenty of time for it to go out today.


It doesn’t have to ship until Wed/Thursday, and they would’ve been informed of the estimated delivery date at checkout.

Another way to look at it is…

They may have wanted to get the order in early so they didn’t forget to do it tomorrow with all the festivities or in case they were too hungover on Wednesday… :sweat_smile:


I’m the first one to wish for more informed, educated buyers. But I agree with @Medic - you may be worrying more about the speed of delivery than the buyer. If your expedited option creates a deliver-by date more than a week in the future, then it stands to reason that your standard option would be even farther out.

So maybe the buyer doesn’t need the book as soon as they can possibly get it, maybe they just wanted it a little sooner than what standard delivery offered.

Not everyone celebrates the holiday. :boom: :dizzy: Some people take advantage of the long weekend to catch up on things such as Amazon orders. I suspect this is what happened here.

It’s quite possible that the buyer has had a previous negative experience with lengthy Media Mail delivery times and wanted the item sooner rather than later.

in case they were too hungover on Wednesday

I don’t think this is the case here. The order is for a workbook for learning cursive writing. The student learns by copying Biblical scripture in cursive. “In 2010, the U.S. government officially removed cursive from the required Common Core Standards for K-12 education.” (NPR)

Shipping speed is the buyer’s decision and I can fulfill whatever they choose even if their choice seems odd to me.

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I agree. Media Mail delivery may simply be too slow for their needs.

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Media Mail delivery may simply be too slow for their needs.

Do you think the buyer knows about media mail (vs first class, priority, or UPS)? I don’t think your average buyer has any idea about such things, unless they’re also a seller.

I think buyers just see the word “expedited” and go with that. I agree that the average buyer does not know the difference between all the classes and types of shipping.

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