Hope everyone is safe today/tonight

High winds coming through Central KY.

Lost some shingles and trim so far. Branches down around and the neighbors trampoline rolled behind the house.

Hopefully it doesn’t get worse.

ETA - Just saw this.


May the Force be with you and yours.


It rolled through here last night (North Texas). Tornadoes nearby so we spent some time in a closet, but just 70+ mph winds. Fingers crossed you just have the winds!


:rescue_worker_helmet: Stay safe and glued to your weather radio!

Kids were out of school today for possible bad weather, and sure enough this afternoon we had severe storms and straight line winds. Storms and tornado watch are over now, but high winds and storm risk continue through tomorrow.

A friend of my high schooler had a tree fall on their home, thankfully no injuries. :pray:

ETA: And we’ve lost power, twice.


As a survivor of Hurricane Andrew … who walked out in the Eye to help a neighbor … I do NOT like winds of any kind.

ETA - Yeah, no school here either. They were worried about the buses being blown over.


Here in New England this is a great storm. As in it is on the weekend, does not start until 9pm, is over just after Midnight Saturday.

Great as in it will generally not be a commerce related storm. UPS, USPS has pulled for the day, we pushed to get everything on the road. Our 1-2 day commitment, gives us till Tuesday to ship.

No school today, or all this week, it is our holiday week, families in the mountains will get the skiing jackpot. And likely skip school and work Monday.

Great as this storm is at about 10 1/2 inches, we have had less than that all winter.

We had a direct customer, in southern New England just outside of New York. We shipped the project to them today, it will arrive a day early on Monday.

Life is good.

Now for those of you dealing with winds, or worse, I do wish you the best and stay safe. Our intent is to stay inside and work on some computer design stuff, make some good food and possibly a few adult beverages.



The forecast for me has been all over the place, but we are told rains and heavy winds are incoming.

That being said, we are ready


My parents are in Upstate NY (near Saratoga) 8-12" forecasted for them - sounds like it’s heading your way after. I don’t miss snowblowing one bit!


Be Safe!


We have snow coming down at the rate of 2" per hour; and thunder & lightening. 8-11" predicted. I prefer that to high winds and tornadoes!

Stay safe.


We got no snow this year (ok, some) give me a decent 6" storm any day. Heck, give me 3’ of snow over ANY ice!


Last week we had ice, over 1/4 inch and then snow on top of that. About 500,000 lost power, some are still without it. It all melted Tuesday and Wednesday.


love our Generac, such peace of mind.
We lose power often here lots of large trees surrounding our very private neighborhood.
Right now just a lot of rain, no winds here in PA.


I moved from the “big” power company, to a very small rural one, last house on the street, well and septic, so a generator was required. This little rural bump on a log power company provides such clean (no brown outs or power sags) that it makes the big company look like a joke!

This unit is just under a year old and replaced a very very dead one from 2013ish. It has kicked in twice for under 1 hour total run time, but it was worth every penny!


Do not remember the year, I think it was about 10 years ago. We went for 13 days without power after an ice storm. We were on a large but portable generator.

Even the gas stations had no power to pump the gas out of the tanks.

We reported what was going on to the community by a Twitter account that gained us 10K followers.

The town put up a blinking sign on the 11th day warning about the storm and power outages.

Then those that got power back put up blow up Santa’s. Bleep Santa.

Many on our street hooked up (improperly) generators to their panels. They turned on the post lamps each night. The power company thought we had power, so they did not turn us back on.


We had the high winds through central Alabama today. Picked up the neighbor’s trash can a few times and all of the boxes that she wanted to put out in the cardboard trash separate from regular trash – RECYCLE baby! BUT that darn truck came through this morning and they didn’t put it out. So since it ws super dried out…it flew around like paper today.

Last time we had high winds, I picked it up and put it all in her regular trash can. I said “Hey, just wanted to let you know I picked it up and put it in there because the wind was blowing it all over the place.” She thought the kids did it. Today the wind was worse.

Our patio furniture flipped over…and as far as I know, that’s it. Haven’t been through the trails in the woods to see if any trees fell yet. Got asked if the creek was clear – I volunteer or rather founded a non-profit to keep our city’s creek clear to kayak – and I told the guy on the phone today that with the high winds, I have no clue if a new tree fell (on the 4 mile stretch). He said Yea, good point. I thought well DUH!


We had two - two day outages almost immediately after ours was installed.
We also have Generac at our summer home that one has never been needed thankfully.
I agree, worth every penny. Strange that we lose power so often yet there are only 2 others in this
small 26 home cluster that have these. Small $ investment for huge peace of mind.


Living in a borough of NYC and having underground electricity you would think all would be great but not always. We have a small portable generator - 6500 Watt that we need to use more than you would think.

It powers 2 refrigerators, my 55 gallon aquarium, 2 TV’s, WIFI / ONT (of course) and a few lights here and there. Good enough. Our outages are normally resolved in under 12 hours but we have had a few that lasted longer including an incident that lasted 2 weeks but ConED brought in a giant diesel generator that powered up the entire affected area (110 homes).

It’s served us well over the last 10 years. Home Depot brand of some sort but it has a Subaru engine. After each use, I drain / run the tank dry, change the oil, cover it up in the back of the garage and it’s always at the ready.

Ran into a problem last time though… Electric garage door opener… Couldn’t find the emergency key with the pull wire on the other end of it to release the door. Had to break into my own garage to get the generator out. LOL

Tough lock… Took about 30 mins of drilling into it to get in. Battery almost died on my Dewalt… That was a close one.


the things we take for granted until they either malfunction or disappear.

Glad it ended well for you :slight_smile: