How accurate is the "Estimated storage cost" in FBA Inventory?

Both product A and B take up similar space (each takes almost 400 cuft). Product B sells faster than product A. Common sense tells me that the future estimated storage cost of product B should be lower than product A. However Amazon shows otherwise. See the two red circles in the screenshot. What did I miss here? Or Amazon’s storage cost estimate is just lousy? Please advise.

Product B inventory is older?

Yes, product B inventory is older but the number of cubic feet is similar (actually a bit smaller) to product A.

But this is estimated storage cost, so maybe Amazon is estimating that this will cost more because the longer it stores, the more it costs.

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Product B has 696 units inbound, the the estimated storage fee for the next 30 days could include the space those 696 units are going to taking up and the extra amount is for that?

Oh I didn’t see that. Maybe Amazon include the inbound like you said. Thanks.