How Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange Will ‘Stop Criminals Earlier’

How Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange Will ‘Stop Criminals Earlier’

Amazon spent $1.2 billion in 2022 to fight counterfeiting on its platform, resulting in the identification, seizure and destruction of more than 6 million counterfeit items, and referred 1,300 bad actors for investigation.


Or it costs Amazon $923,076.00 to refer a criminal for investigation. Now that we’ve established an economic threshold… Criminals now know to keep their Amazon scams under $1M.

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So if Amazon knows these two areas are hot beds for counterfeit, then why is it so hard for Amazon to help the listings hijacked by these bad actors from these two regions?

But it does explain the rise in “Help! I have tried XX times to get my brand registered. Why?” threads on NSFE. Several of them have been brands originating from those two regions.

I wonder how many hours each day the Amazon Counterfeit Crime Unit spends in meetings which have nothing to do with counterfeits. And I wonder how many more they will spend meeting with ACX members about other than counterfeits.

Recent revelations from Meta indicated their recently laid off recruiters spent no time recruiting.

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This crime unit sounds like an unconvincing Amazon smokescreen for not taking action against Communist China’s counterfeiting ring.


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To be clear, appreciate and :100:% correct to all above.

However, can you imagine this conversation on the OSFE or NSFE?

Thank you to the founders, early arrivals, and new members of the SAS.


Same, but just a friendly mod reminder that we can’t let this discussion get into any China bashing or other politics.


Because honestly those are two completely different things. The physical counterfeit goods were seized through IRL raids in Guandong and Jiangxi, while ASIN hijacking is a digital issue that doesn’t translate easily into geographic boundaries.

It’s very likely that even though the organized crime organizations that hijack listings might have their physical headquarters in those regions, the personnel and equipment that carry it out might be or appear to be in many other locations.

So the problem we face directly is that Amazon either lets crime continue unchecked in any way, or shuts down the whole listing/all offers, while it investigates–without any communication or meaningful support for innocent sellers caught in the crossfire. Either way, honest 3P businessess are hurt and left floundering with inventory issues, inability to plan, and lack of income.

Crime is gonna crime, but Amazon’s ineffective alert, investigative, and (in)action processes pile on the pain for all the rest of us, sometimes with very final results for legitimate, rule-following, lawful businesses. :persevere:


I for one am actual glad Amazon isn’t actual Law Enforcement, Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Just saying…

Imagine Seller Support…


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