How Do I Get Ungated for Nike, Lego and Mattel?

Hey guys, I want to sale the brands listed but it says I need to be ungated. How did guys do this? Can I just buy them from


Yes, and then use photo shop to alter a pdf of your receipt to make an invoice and LOA. Easy peasy and completely legal according some currently incarcerated ungating specialists.


Don’t forget to hire a VA and blame everything on them. #foolproof


Big lots or Home goods is best


I want to buy from someone I truly trust, so I go with Alibaba.


Highly recommended! I have a provider from Alibaba that makes my item specially for me, so no one else in the whole wide world will have MY product! (sarcasm mode off)


It is best if you list them under your own brand so no one gets confused and accuses you of an IP violation, or Amazon asks for proof of authenticity.


Honest question here, don’t roll thy eyes, what is wrong with finding a supplier off alibaba? For my product there simply are no suppliers that exist to make this outside of china (at least at not hugely outrageous prices). I’ll fess up, I did contact my supplier via alibaba. My designs are original and the molds made for me.

I understand fully if you are simply purchasing commodities via alibaba, but is it different for custom requests.


There is nothing wrong per say.

Pl & generic sure go for it. Do a lot of homework and you will shortly figure our that between the 35 different “sources” on alibaba there is only one actual manufacturer. Find the one that will never say no to any changes you want to make and you are as close to the manufacturer as you will get!

People that think they are getting nerf and ge off of alibaba, you’ve got problems!


Okay cool, just wanted to make sure I was missing some awful thing.


You need to check and check and check and get samples and everything in writing in the orignal “contract”


Nah, we have used Alibaba for custom work before. It actually turned into a really good relationship for a time, because we were able to get prototypes made really fast.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a problem making copies of your stuff, so you will probably end up playing IP and Patent whack-a-mole.

It’s a double-edged sword.


Good advice! Thanks, so far I am not overly worried about dupes and I am very happy with my supplier.

If I get to the point where people want to start making rip-offs of my designs then I will be happy that I am that successful lol.

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For us it was no big deal because some items are just fad items and they’ll die before the Alibaba rush even gets moving. We do a lot of these “one and done” runs to test products on the market.

I’d say we have one smash hit for every 15-20 product runs. We just got lucky this year with four big wins.

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