How does Amazon help this listing prevent the attack of product targeting ads of competitors?

I’ve advertised my product on his listing since January 2023. It’s been working extremely well (got hundreds of order from his listing). He’s the alpha dog and his listing top the page and has the market share of about 50%. That’s huge. In the past few days, I noticed that I barely got any impressions in his listing. When I visited the listing, I noticed that the spot where the product ads is located now is replaced by Amazon Locker service info. See the screenshot below:

When I saw it the first day, I thought maybe Amazon was trying something new. Two days have passed and this Amazon Locker info still there preventing any product targeting ads to display at that spot. I used to get thousands of impression at this spot daily. Since Amazon Locker info has taken the spot, my daily impression is below 10. Very weird. Is there a new feature/services to effectively block product targeting ads like that? How to counter it? Any ideas?

It is a very long shot however, I have noticed that sellers from China have different rules than we do.

We don’t have to look far to see that Amazon insiders have taken funds for perks.

(Words changed to avoid sounding to sharp and hard.)

Yes I agree with you. Thanks to Helium10 tool. They show the country of origin of all listings and this one is not a Chinese listing.

Maybe Amazon is offering some Sellers the option to pay to avoid having other offers or similar/competing products advertised on a branded PDP. :thinking:

Honestly, that sounds exactly like Amazon…
“Hey Seller B, pay to have your ads shown in “premier spots”!”
“Pssst Seller A, don’t want Seller B ads? No worries, just pay a small fee!”

It’s giving organized crime.

:slight_smile: hehehe I guess that I am Seller B. The only exception is that Amazon only gets paid when someone click the ads (PPC = Pay Per Click). When my (or other sellers’) ads aren’t shown (because of the stupid Amazon Locker info blocking the spot), Amazon doesn’t get paid for that spot.

Somedays, we’re all “Seller B” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Amazon loves to make money off of other people competing against each other.

One of the reasons I stopped Advertising with Amazon long before I stopped Selling on Amazon.