How long do I have to wait?

And I probably will have cooled off and won’t do this.

Got a message – item is too small so customer wants to return, but she realizes that return shipping is not free. What can I do?

Conversation is here:

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So I get an email with the return notice – reason? Item defective or doesn’t work

So she doesn’t have to pay shipping, and I file a SAFE-T claim and get Amazon to reimburse return shipping – AND I HOPE AND PRAY AND CROSS MY FINGERS her account takes a hit because if she’s done this to me, she’s done it before.

HOW long do I have to wait until she can’t leave me any feedback? Item OR store? She probably already left me a one star now that I’m thinking about it and I should go look.

OH, I did report the message and checked “other”…


Mileage varies greatly upon that score, but the general rule of thumb embodied in Amazon’s policy pages is predicated upon 90 days - from the actual Order Date, not EDD (“Estimated Delivery Date”) - as is stated in such CHC (“Customer-facing Help Content”) pages as “Leave Third-Party Seller Feedback” @


90 Days I believe.

Finding HOW to leave seller feedback now is quite challenging so I wouldn’t worry too much about that


You left out the “go pound sand you entitled dimwit” part of the reply.


How can one enforce the “you pay return shipping” when customers can pick any “reason” they like, without fear of any contradiction or consequence?


Hit the nail on the head there.

Amazon keeps honest people honest. Most of the time.


We ourselves have for many years enforced that paradigm via a tip I learned from the “old hands” - i.e., the seasoned and savvy forum veterans upon whose mighty shoulders the rest of us find purchase - back in the Age of Jive, two ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”) iterations back from the present day, by crafting Return Instructions (link, ‘Main’ Dashboard) which Amazon presents to a member of the Buyer Community when they engage the Return Order functionality(ies).

That sage advice learned at the feet of The Wise, despite many a change in this or that policy impinging upon FBM operations, hasn’t failed me yet.

May we ask what you say in these instructions that guards against the false claim return reasons?


As I’m not @ liberty to post our Return Instructions in a publicly-visible forum, I’ve answered your question via a PM/DM.


Can you answer in the closed section of this forum?

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Yes, I can - with our friend @primetime’s kind permission, I sent you an invite to the PM/DM I sent in response to Prime’s inquiry upthread less than an hour ago, because I noticed that you had cast a ‘thumbs up’ vote on his/her inquiry.

May I ask if you see the invitation to that PM?

Thank you, figured that out.


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