How to change my pictures back?

It looks like someone tried to hack a couple of my listings, I own the brand and it is brand registered.

They changed the pictures to a single picture, that is poorly taken a nd really bad quality. So now there is only 1` picture on the listing. I have 9 pictures saved on the listing page, but they do not show on the listing.

How can I change the pictures back to the 9 that I have don’t he listing page?

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Was the brand name on the listing also changed?

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No, still my brand.


Have you tried using the Image Manager?


Amazon says it is because the main image does not have a pure white background. Ok, so I changed all the images to white backgrounds, we will see what happens.

Still no explanation on why the pictures were changed to one that I had not uploaded.

Flat file uploads are almost always the cause of things like this

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It must be pure white on the main image. As in RGB 255,255,255, be sure you have made your edits to that specification. If you want to PM me the image I can check it for you.

Your original images in the screen capture above do not have a pure white background. To be clear it is only needed on the main image.

I do think someone is working towards taking over your catalog page. This is the first step. They did so by using a image that follows the style guide.

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When the main image is not complied to Amazon’s rules, Amazon blocks all images and only shows one image (usually a horrible one). It used to happen to me years ago. Once I corrected my main image, all pictures returned to normal. I expect that after you correct the white background problem of your main image, everything should get back to normal in 24 hours.

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Pictures are back. Thanks for the help