How to help this guy?

He’s got a listing that is claiming it needs an application to sell, but he’s already selling it. Any ideas?

He’s a teacher with a STEM product and I think it’s worth giving him a hand.

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While I sympathize with the problem, any post that starts with “I don’t want your response” usually doesn’t even get a read from me, much less any help.

In this case, I would start by suggesting he get Brand Registered (I suspect he is not). He will need to get control over the page back to make changes to the keywords, details page, title… He said he has been in contact with Amazon daily for months, but I don’t know what he has been trying to do, so I have no idea if it was even the right thing to try.


I can’t help anyone who states:

Please do not respond to this post. I’ve shared here before, and it was of no value.


Guy gets no help because it is clear he cannot accept responsibility for anything.

He has two issues

  1. Probably the Amazon A9 search which cannot be dealt with because the Search is history based and his product does not have the history to make the cut for search rank in the all departments search. He needs to advertise and drive traffic to build a sales history. Amazon PPC might actually work for him, unlike those who are just throwing money out the window.

  2. Dimensional shipping which is a failure of his or his designer’s or his packaging company to recognize the economics of the size of his product.

Amateur with a chip on his shoulder.


A10 now… Reportedly, there’s less focus on PPC ads and more relevance towards what people are actually trying to find. I find that hard to believe and have no evidence to support the claim but that’s what’s out there about the A10 on the WWW.

It appears to have rolled out around 1-7 when search went bonkers for us and screwed some things up. About 10 days later, the issues we were seeing (Organic Search Rank) returned to what they had been for the last couple of years (THANKFULLY)…


Don’t be ridiculous. Amazon would never roll out an unfinished product.


Well if that was A10 and they rolled it back, they can stick with A9. I’m good…

I remember this seller from 6-8 months ago. “Art Rods” though I do not recall what he was looking for help on. It could have been the same issue.

I remember since I looked up the product, it was interesting, and in the arts field.

Though I can not go back and find it, we can only access the forum in incognito, and if you think it is hard to get around the NSFE, try it half blind with no idea who the sellers are or the moderators, that are called sellers in incognito.

Please do not respond to this post…

Ok, I am fine Seller glQnnrq… I will not.

Emailing Amazon for help every day for 2 months on this matter has been of no help…

Ok, so we all know that. 99% of the time we open a case with seller support we get the wrong answer. Not the answer we don’t want, an actual wrong answer.

So Seller glQnnrq… If we don’t count February a short month, you have emailed about 61 times. If I tried to kiss a frog 61 times and my face was all covered with slime, and I never got a single prince, or princess, I would stop emailing.



I wonder if cc’ing the executive team yesterday made a difference in getting my forum account removed from the NSFE. When I click the above link now (while logged into my seller account), it redirects me to the main forum home page and the page starts looping in an endless refresh.

I can open in an incognito window with no issues, but if I’m signed into my seller account it just loops loops loops. :thinking:


Based on my conversations with our firm, I would say this was done to limit liability.

We have not contacted the executive team or Amazon Legal, I do not have time. I did however, make it clear that disclosing our Intellectual written property in a forum that was to be closed was not acceptable.

I also added I would hold them accountable from now until the end of time.

For you, and other “Misfit Toys” banished from the forum, they had a hole in the system. The action you revealed by contacting the executive team plugs it.

For others “Doxed” they did give the option to not have your information published, just don’t participate. Closing (I think) a pathway to holding them accountable.

For us, the release of the information on a “closed” forum came two days before it was released. They messed up, and could have frozen that data, though they selected not to.

Way off topic but I think that is what you were referring to.

ETA, I did stay at a Holiday Inn last month, but I am not nor would I ever be a lawyer.

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Way off topic but I think that is what you were referring to.

I hope you get your situation fixed, as yours seems like an unaddressed issue (since it popped up at the very last minute) and I hope you can get them to take some action.

Now that our group is growing, it’s hard to find time to read all the posts, so I’m not sure if you know about my situation or not. ?

In a nutshell, Amazon pushed me into the new forums with my existing forum handle and never gave me the onboarding screen to let me choose.

I suddenly had a profile there with my Global Name displayed (had already changed it, thanks to @oneida_books ’ advice) that would soon include my store name, once they finish adding that part.

On Jan 31, I emailed them (forum staff, and the forum beta comments email) saying essentially - hey! I was supposed to be given a choice, you had no right to choose for me, please undo that.

No response. Last night, I forwarded the same email to them again and added a cc to the jeff email. This one said - it’s been 7 days since I first asked and no one has even contacted me yet.

And then today, I can seemingly no longer get into the new forums. So maybe cc’ing the Executive team actually did something? It would be good news, as I didn’t appreciate being ‘outed’ against my will.

I hope you can get your posts removed too. I’m not sure if what I’m seeing today is actually in response to my email (which still has no response from anyone) or just a glitch. Time will tell, I guess. I’ll have to ask someone who’s onboarded to check my profile and see what it says.

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The NSFE OP has walked back his request for no responses, saying he was in his feelings when he posted that–which I get.*

I’m not certain that I clearly understand his concern, but he stated that he is indeed trademarked.

These are clever products, but lawwwdy his website :grimacing:

*I’m surprised someone downvoted that.

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Yes, in an intimate way, as in I have read everything associated to how you have been treated by them.

Most troubling since, you in my opinion should have been paid for the type of advise you gave to all sellers on Amazon over the may years.

Even when you were banished.


Yes, I wish we were in the OSFE, and I had access to that data. Still have not (wasted) taken the time to un zip the file and see if I can make use of what I downloaded.

I do remember, how interesting the product was, I can not remember if I provided input to the seller on the problem. Heck, I can not even remember the problem from months ago.

@Roxy as it relates to the release problem, I need to focus on launching new products in our brands to make money. Cashflow for our team and family.

When time allows, I can circle back to holding them accountable. What they released was to help new Handmade Sellers in the world of business and Amazon. Not for the competitors, mostly from offshore nipping at our heals to learn how to take us down.

If I don’t draw attention to that, no one will notice. That and the NSFE search and view threads sucks (darn, I never use that word) so much I doubt that my stuff could even be located.

Is this not you?


So either they fixed it back or ?


YES!!! That’s me. Hooooorrrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyy for the Executive Team!!!

Thanks for checking. I feel much better now.

Did you (all mighty powerful one…) by chance have something to do with this? I know I’d asked you about it yesterday, and I want to give credit where it’s due.

No one has responded to my email, so no one is taking credit for it or telling me it was done.

But, whoever was responsible…

@ShoePeople @Tallytony might want theirs removed too.


I can’t take credit because I’ve not heard back.

Tally’s shows to me (assuming I have the right one) as


I never bookmarked a post by ShoePeople, so I’m not sure on theirs.


Gonefromthemess :laughing: That’s better than mine.

@Tallytony did you ask to have yours removed? I wonder if the message I sent made them realize - oops, we screwed things up with the suspended accounts - and they fixed all of us.

Oneida, If you sent them a message asking about me/us, thank you. If they respond back eventually, please let me know, as I’ll want to thank you for that too.

I feel much better about things now. :+1:


I didn’t. But I’m very worried with what’s happening on the forums right now.
Amazon is touching things.
And reviving others.


Amazon is touching things.

Shhh… don’t tell the Mods but I think we’ve hijacked this thread. :hushed:

What do you mean by ‘touching things’?