How to properly bundle an item


For proof and mint sets others do jump on people’s listings. An example listing B00K6M43AK it looks like there 3 other sellers and it is in the collectible coins category. So, if I were to sell this would I jump on their listing, sell under my brand as is, or bundle it with my own branded item (for example a certificate of authenticity like MSG does)?

I truly appreciate your help! Amazon support has really been lacking and your experience on the matter makes it easier to address the issue.

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Disclaimer: These violations go on all the time. I’m just pointing them out.

The main image shouldn’t have anything but the coin.

Scroll down to - Main product images, bullet #4.

  • Not have text, logos, borders, color blocks, watermarks, or other graphics covering the product or in the background.

Title - " $1 Seller BU." Not sure what that is, but almost certainly “Seller” shouldn’t be there and could get flagged.

Bundles are suppose to state exactly what’s in there, so to me “… with Random Designs” is a violation. As I posted above …

Also under the bundles rules adding a pouch to assign a brand is a violation.

Is correctly listed from what I see and no brand is needed.


Having an in-depth explanation would have been helpful. Sad it was removed since I still have questions.

For the pouch I couldn’t find where it says no pouch. This is the link I’ve used to find the rules. Product_Bundling_Policy.pdf (

Would a coin capsule or flip then suffice? Do I need to have my company name on the capsule or flip as branding (private label)? It says it would needs its own UPC so I’d need to make a listing just for that, correct?



Read this part closely …

Do not include generic products in a bundle, as it may mislead customers into thinking the generic product belongs to the same brand as one of the branded products in the bundle. Generic products are identified as items with no brand on the product or packaging (not just widely unrecognized brands).

This means adding something generic OR from a “widely unrecognized brand”

• A bundle can be composed of different branded items, however the bundle itself should be branded according to the highest priced item in the bundle.


What am I supposed to do with choosing a brand to list under then?

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Give me a specific example.

Otherwise, and again many people violate policy from what I see in coins, I’d say this.

  • Single Coin

    • Should not require a brand name
    • Everyone with the same graded coin could list on the Product Page
  • Single Coin, branded under your brand, with a case and/or COA (by your brand)

    • Brand = “{Your Brand Registry Name}” = Violation on the brand
    • Everyone with the same graded coin should be listing on the same Product Page
  • Set (Like say produced by “The Franklin Mint”)

    • Brand = " The Franklin Mint"
    • Everyone with the same set could/should list on the Product Page
    • Adding a magnifying glass or glove and rebranding is a violation

JMO below … and again there are many violations in the category (so I don’t think Amazon really cares) … but based on policy and after some studying.

  • Set (Created by you seems possible)

    • Brand (could be I think) = “{Your Brand Registry Name}”
    • Not sure on this overall as to who could list, but I think you’d be OK in C.Coins to prevent others.
  • Approved Bundle (Created by you)

    • Brand = “Generic” or No Brand Name (in Collectible Coins)
    • Everyone with an identical bundle could list
    • Adding something unbranded or adding something like a magnifying glass or glove, and rebranding is a violation

This breakdown is easier to understand.

I am looking to do Single Coin & Set (Created by you seems possible).

I’ve tried to sell under generic, but Amazon doesn’t let which is why I got the trademark in the first place.

I think I’ll take it slow and if amazon says anything I’ll ask them on that specific case what to do. I’ve tried talking to customer support on how to properly do it, but they were not helpful at all in the matter.


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Just checking in to see how things are going and also tagging in @OC_Rare_Coin

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When you mean a pouch you mean an unbranded pouch?

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I think the problem is coins could be considered generic, I know if there are 2 brands in a listing it needs to say Bundle With xxxx and also the highest-priced item needs to be the one under brand and also under category

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I mean an unrecognized brand is still a brand no? its not generic if you have a brand

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