How was the extended, extended returns period for you this year?

It kicked our ass.

It started in late November with people opening return requests for items delivered after Oct 11.
Almost every item was clearly used, most returned without retail packaging, accessories, instructions.

The best we did on the Safe-T claims was 20% and a few got denied. I think they may have a limit on safe-T claims for the year as our last few were denied.

100% of the returns from November up until Jan 31 were all from the extended returns period.

I will tell you they are conditioning me to do the same. As long as I purchase from Amazon directly or a Chinese company, I have no issue returning the item for the slightest dislike of it.

I won’t do it to fellow 3p sellers unless they deserve it.

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Refund rate was

5.87% - 12/1
1.53% - 1/1
0.85% - 2/1

We had a QC issue so had to work to revamp supply chain the last 8 months and finally just started selling it - so far so good or so it would seem.

I got as much as 80% back on some SAFE-T claims, but others not even 20%. (SAFE-T claims piss me off something fierce.)

My returns ran the usual gamut of returned next day cause they ordered the wrong thing to returned the next day because they swapped it out for the old one to returned 3 months later because they forgot about it. It just so happens that my busy season (late fall, early winter when the weather starts to change) is also the extended return period which doesn’t do me any favors, but my returns would spike during this period commensurate with my sales anyway.

Honestly, I don’t care that much about the extended returns period. If buyers return items in new condition, I can put the stuff back in stock. We can quibble over late return restocking fees, but it’s not that big of a deal. If they return the item broken, used, wrong item, box of rocks, etc, then they don’t deserve a refund regardless of how much time has passed.

I care much more about the many ways Amazon abuses its power to pay buyers from my pocket with no repercussions and taking no responsibility for its unilateral actions. RFS, forcing buyers to pay for ridiculous buyer returns (I got back a 3" X 3" X 5" 6oz item today in a box that was 10" X 12" X 22" for reason “Inaccurate Item Description”), it never ends. Then I have to try to claw back a few pennies per order through SAFE-T claims for money which should have been mine from the start…


Big “IF” on that most of my returns are not resalable

Many of my returns are not either, because buyers open them, try to install them, realize they ordered the wrong thing, then send it back as defective. However, the extended returns has not noticeably exacerbated this this issue for me.

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I get that Amazon wants to give holiday shoppers ample time to return a product after it is gifted and it is not a good fit or liked by the recipient. What bothers me is that the buyer or recipient has 37 days past Christmas to decide they do not like it (for something they may have brought in October) and request a return and then there is no written in policy limit on when it needs to be back to the seller.

There is a 14 day limit. Problem is we don’t see it. When the return label is printed out the instructions say it must be shipped by X date. That date is either 30 days from the last day of the delivery range or 14 days after the return request is made.


ETA - I am referring to Seller authorized Handmade returns as we do not have auto returns or RFS

The 14 days does not show on customer facing policy on the website and I’ve never seen it on Handmade return paperwork. Maybe if someone has ordered a Handmade item and returned it, they can post Amazon’s actual instructions. I post this in my return instructions when authorizing returns in hopes it will light a fire under the buyer to return it faster but I frequently get items returned 1-2 months after authorized.

My fave was having returns from June, July and August being RFS in January :grimacing:. Did get everything allowable back from SAFE-T claims. So that was pleasant.

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I had 0 returns during the holiday return season.

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I had 2 returns in January for Christmas jewelry “no longer needed”. If they ever try to free-rent from me again, I’ll cancel their order as “sold out” or whatever.


Good luck with that. They just get a new account. Amazon only checks buyer accounts by e-mail address not physical address.

On the upper right corner of the Buy Shipping pages, under the address, it says “See all 2 orders from this buyer” or whatever. So you’re saying that if they open a new account, I won’t see that? Maybe I need to keep a list of names then.

OR…shrug it off (cuss them out each time you get one of those types of returns), and move along.

Don’t let it get you down.

I’m not down. I just don’t want to see them again.

Wow. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I checked one order that I thought the name was familiar and lo and behold, she has bought the same toaster cover from me 4 times. I haven’t spent too much time thinking about that part yet. What I want to know is, can you see what reviews they have left (if they left any) from that page too?

Many more used items this year. Returns opened INAD upon delivery, then used and not returned until mid January. SafeT Claims were mostly small refunds, almost not worth the time. 16 returns of items that were not ours, ironically SafeT claims denied on 8 of those still appealing.

Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t connect product reviews with specific orders, but you might be able to make an educated guess.

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sellercentral dot amazon dot com/feedback-manager/index.html#/

sellercentral dot amazon dot com/brand-customer-reviews

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I am familiar with the first one–I was just hoping it would be easier like on Etsy where you see immediately that they have placed other orders and when you click, all the other reviews come up.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting on my brand, so I don’t have access to the second one. Excited to try it though when the brand registration comes through.