Hw long does a seller have to dispute a return and file a SAFE-T claim?

I’m in Italy, attending a Book Fair in Turin.

A buyer claimed that a book was damaged, and returned it. It was like new when I sent it. I think that the buyer is swapping books. Amazon issued a refund with first scan several days ago.

UPS tracking shows that it arrived at my home yesterday. Our housesitter is functionally illiterate - despite being a college student - and seems to be unable to take pictures of any pages that are damaged.

So it appears that I will have to handle this when I get back. How long do I have to file a SAFE-T claim? Do weekends count? I have a vague memory of a 48 hour period, but I cannot find it in the Amazon help files.


I think it’s something like 30 or 60 days, so don’t worry.

Italy?? I’m jealous. :smile:


You have 60 days to file a SAFE-T claim after Amazon takes all your money and hopes you didn’t notice.


Confirmed… it’s 60 days. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t know that SAFE-T claims aren’t just for SFP anymore.


If you plug in an old Order ID number, it will generate the response with 60 calendar days from the date of refunding as mentioned above.

example showing 60 calendar days


@rms are you back from Turin? Hope you had a great and safe trip! Any update?