I hate when sales guys think you're just another a$$hole when upselling a service

  1. Got an email from AGL for the millionth time offering their services.

  2. I said, “shoot” let’s respond and ask them some basic ■■■ questions:

  3. So I asked the following:

Hi AGL Person,

Thanks for the response. Currently my prices are a tad lower than what you offer.

The only advantage AGL could potentially offer is:

a. FCL direct to FC’s
b. No hit on storage or metrics in case on a.
c. Guaranteed delivery with no logistics interruptions - I’ve read a lot of nightmare stories with AGL delays and even FC receiving taking longer than usual. No clue why so I would be hesitant and what compensations exist in case of AGL shortfalls? I would hate to use AGL only to see an increased lead time to FC which would not be worth even significant savings, which you don’t even offer.

Please advise,

I get the following response:

I decide not to even bother responding. This is typical of “services” offered by Amazon. Diddly D!ck.


Amazon Global Logistics (AGL)

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You: “Here are the possible advantages and disadvantages I see in using your program. Please look over some of my thoughts presented and address my concerns. Thank you”

Them: “Here’s a brochure”.

Thank you for giving a “boots on the ground” assessment of AGL.

The person that contacted you obviously did not come from the “Timeshare School of Ninja Closing Skills”…aka…locking you in a room for 7 hours with no food, water, or access to a bathroom.


You been watching John Oliver again?


As my paranoia increases and my attitude becomes harsher, I find I have questions to ask which betray my mindset.

Why would one actually assume that you have engaged with a human being? Humans cost money. Even Chatgbt would do the job of soliciting suckers for most Amazon services as well as a poorly trained human who would be unable to find a better job.

Why would a human invest any time in answering your hard questions? You are clearly not going to be suckered.

Unlike a timeshare salesman, this entity is unlikely to have a future vocation selling how to cancel your timeshare contract services. Best to move on to a more gullible member of the sucker list.