I have some questions

  1. How do I get verified? I know I have seen this one posted but just want to know if I have to do anything.
  2. I was a member of the private Handmade group on the OSFE, how do I get in the group here? I checked the handmade box when I registered.
  3. Is there a list of requirements to move up to the different trust levels?


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Hi Ana! I believe verification is a time thing - so once you’ve been here a bit your level will change to verified. I’ll let one of the mods confirm.

I apologize for not remembering you from the OSFE handmade forum! Did you have the same user name there? Welcome!


Yes, we had the same name but it was truncated to Best_Handmade on the OSFE. I posted most recently when they changed the insurance requirements and people were looking for insurers since I was a broker for 15 years. I didn’t post much over there unless I could contribute, but I had a ton of reading time on both handmade and marketplace forums. You can learn a lot just by lurking. I do plan to be way more active here since we have a lot more freedom as to what we can and can’t say.

Thanks for answering me. I guess the question then would be is it reading time, or just general time on the forums (in days, etc.) for the verification thing.



Welcome to the forum - and a forum that allows for privacy (if you choose), which is why it exists.

It is a forum, where your questions are answered in minutes or hours, and not days or completely ignored as the NSFE has unfortunately become.

Understand that this forum was created by a few Sellers, who have businesses to run just as we do. Since the forum is new, they are learning the ropes, and the discourse program that it runs on, and each week take on the tasks to improve the site.

I can only imagine that they have a long list of to-do’s, and within a few months, will have a handle on these pesky questions we are asking.

See this thread for some answers.

Also, I stumbled upon a link within this site, (click your icon, then profile Icon, then Badges, then one of the badges “Granted” link (Member or Basic has them) and when clicked takes you to the discourse site that EXPLAINS the trust levels in detail. This would be the “out of the box” way that levels are handled. I have no clue if they can be modified, or even if they can, would the SAS leaders wish to even change them.


See this thread for some answers.

You realize that you are now going to be the designated go-to guy for these questions. :+1:


Verification is a process we are working out. It just means that we have verified you have an amazon store and that you are who you say you are.

Trust level is an earned thing based upon how many quality posts you make, how many likes you get, age of account, etc, that is all built into the discourse software. We have tweaked the calculations a bit, but moving up to trust level 2 is obtainable


Does anyone know about this site?

It also appears that Amazon is doing some self-promoting on Reddit on the righthand side of the page.

Reddit FBA Link

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Not sure where to post this.

Regarding forum censor. I just noticed the thread about the Song of the South DVD censors the last name of author Joel Chandler ■■■■■■ ( H a r r i s)

Can’t imagine why that is blocked.

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The current VP’s last name is a bad word? :rofl:

Sorry couldn’t resist. Please no responses. :crazy_face: