I thought adding a FREE something wasn't possible anymore?

Rinju Body & Hand Lotion 16 Ounce Enriched With Vitamin-E (453gm) (3 Pack) with a free 2oz Pla Touche lotion

So the " with a free 2oz Pla Touche lotion" has just been added by someone recently.

I thought I use to see like a red warning during page title validation way back when or grey out the save button over the word FREE.

I hate when someone does this as now it’s just dealing with the customers messages.


Most of the style guide rules are not enforced when items are uploaded via flat file.

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I made a case but they are not going to do ■■■■.

I added an image that says NO FREE 2oz :rofl: (2nd image) we’ll see if it shows in 24

Oooh found another:


Our competition has FREE in 80% of their titles.

We’re waiting patiently for the Police Bot to find and suppress their listings.

Out of compliance is different from no possible. It’s like the difference between it’s legal and not getting caught yet.


More like the difference between obeying the speed limit by choice, or obeying because your car just won’t go any faster.