If you have lingering products asking for weird item details...

I had several items that were search suppressed. I learned to ignore them as I just cannot fir my resin piece into a sleeve or collar design…and it certainly doesn’t have batteries.

Today I tried to fix one (must have been bored) and to my surprise, under sleeve details or something off, I got to chose “This ASIN is under the wrong product type” It accepted and saved…Never seen that before
The search suspension is gone and the product active…(But it’s still in the Amazon fashions category, rather than toys where it should be)


Like you, I have given up trying to fix these things. They are almost always because the item is in the wrong category or sub-category or search node or… something, and unless you are the brand owner with Brand Registry, they are (as far as I can tell) impossible to fix.


hey, at least its no longer search suppressed. Will check tomorrow to see if it accepted my category adjustment…

I also had 2 where it said I am not authorized to provide the missing information, but then accepted my input anyway


This is an FBA thing and needs setting to “no.”

Many of the others now have a “irrelevant attribute” you can select. Here’s Batteries though as an example.


Clicking “irrelevant attribute” has never actually changed anything in the listing or its eligibility for me.
Have you experienced different results?


No in the Safety and Compliance section. Others (Product Details)? Yes, but I have rarely ever used it.


Well, I am happy to report all my changes stuck after clicking that wrong product type option and as of today, the listing is back in the right category as well. I have to add here, there were NINE suggested things they wanted and the first 3 did not give me the “wrong product type” option, it was the 4th or 5th where it popped in. The changes that is said I wasn’t authorized to make stuck as well.

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