Ill keep starting these until Amazon follow their own policies on Abuse

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    Ill keep starting these until Amazon follow their own policies on Abuse

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Too much to post but it’s a funny “I KNOW THE LAW” someone trying to sell a brand that “matches” the listing but is not the brand

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Yep, we know you know the law, The feds charged you with some interesting things!


Something of a long-time hallmark of the OP, sadly enough, as s/he’s long been a vocal advocate of RA/OA/FSD.

Eventually, we may run out of corn for poppin’…


The OP is constantly causing trouble and creating nasty posts,
I thought this was interesting…↓↓↓


Well, so much for a kinder, gentler forum with plenty of safe space.

And this thread has been featured and stuck on Seller Central for 3 days now!

I turned off my ad blocker just for the entertainment value.

I mean 75 :-1: should sound an alarm in Seattle

That thread would have been locked long ago on the old forum. For the better.

And I have wondered why so long in the Featured box. The turnover is usually faster.

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I feel like the sole purpose of the NSFE was so everyone would leave and they could get rid of the mod staff.

It appears that the box hasn’t updated in 36 hours … maybe when they pinned item #3 (Amazon Buy Shipping now offers the lowest commercial USPS rates available) a goof was made and items #1 and #2 got pinned also … and no one has circled back around to address the issue … :thinking:

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Shame nobody puts on blast… "You know who does not have this problem, sellers with an LOA and invoices. "

The only times I have this problem are when another seller who is not the brand but somehow convinced Amazon they were (or that they were an affiliate or something) goes postal and tries to get all other sellers kicked off for selling counterfeit items. The actual brand owner is not involved.

Might I suggest our current favorite (grown in Indiana and Illinois) –
popped on the stove with a little coconut oil and sprinkled with freshly ground pink Himalayan salt.


That seems to be a reasonable assumption, to be sure (I’ve noticed the same lack of updating for the Seller Forum Widget on multiple workstations in multiple locales over the same time period), but I find it interesting that the FMT has left visible evidence of moderation in the discussion (“[Moderator Edit: Removed Insults]” in one of OP’s replies to the self-proclaimed NY-based attorney/3P Seller advocating for the yet-to-be finally adjudicated extension of FSD provisions in Copyright Law to Trademarks by the Great State of New York*), and may have left inferable evidence of the same type of intervention in some of the deleted posts.

There’s a reason why I kitted up a VM instance to record the thread every 6 hours…and for why I just tweaked it to run more frequently.


An interesting turn of events, that, as FSD was originally a child of Trademark Law…


Are we logging bets as to how long the OP’s account remains active? Maybe NSFE doesn’t have a suspend/mute function?


How has this stayed on front page Seller Central forum news for 4 days?
Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 12-30-59 Amazon

Did one bot place another bot on time out? :thinking:


With all due respect, where it’s due, for literary/poetic license:

“Forget it, Jake. It’s Amazon.”

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Looks like the bots are on vacation. And the Mods apparently are on a longer than usual weekend hiatus.

Another question… how does the OP keep changing the “Store Name” on the profile? Today it shows GreatDeals1st. A few days ago it showed something else also ending in 1st, and one day it showed River of Human Health, which is apparently the true store name.

Have they figured out how to disguise the true store name on the NSFE?

You have always been able to change your store name on amazon. I assume looking at their history they have figured out a way to try and game the nsfe.

Wow, their seller profile screams scammer.


Is it me, or is the NFSE more scammer/spammer infested than OFSE?

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I feel so, cause no one is actually watching the posts. And those that do, the flags clearly don’t get reacted to