Inbound -> Checked In -> Received -> FC Transfer -> INBOUND????

I’ve verified it on the Inventory Ledger…

02/26/2024 ORF2 96 units (2 cases of 48)
03/06/2024 ORF2 -48 units (FC Xfer of one case to LGB3)

But the 48 units in an “FC Transfer” status went back to “INBOUND” status.

So even though the “track shipment” shows "delivered before 2/26, and the inventory ledger shows that all units were properly received, scanned, counted and confirmed, the case of 48 that went out the door of ORF2 in an FC xfer is not in sell-able inventory, and looks as if it has yet to be received anywhere on the overall inventory screen.

If is stuff like this that makes me wonder…

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Sometimes I wish I was on the new NSFE so I could complain to the useless mods how much FBA sucks especially with the new placement fees. Imagine paying new placement fees and getting the same if not worse FBA service.


After opening a case and boilerplate replies, I escalated to a call-center supervisor (45 min wait for that!) and she agreed that it was broken, and the Inventory Ledger was authoritative as to the status of… ummm… INVENTORY!

So, they claim that they will fix it, and allow me to avoid the pleasure of “stranded inventory”, when the “stranding” is in a bogus “inbound” stage.

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