[Inc] Amazon delivery drivers aren't amazon employees says Amazon.


Now the question is, is this true across all markets in the USA?

I always thought that the drivers worked for a person or company that was franchising a route from Amazon, similar to FedEx ground.

Honestly I did not know that, I had incorrectly assumed they were Amazon. The trucks do not have the “Operated by XX LLC.” like Fedex does.

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Amazon doesn’t like to present things that may tarnish their image.

That declaration is probably inside the air cleaner box under the hood. :rofl:


Amazon uses independent contractors for all of their deliveries.

Those trucks are part of a complex financial arrangement. Amazon is involved in the purchase, financing or lease of the trucks and they are built to Amazon specs.

There is some public data on those arrangements, but I have never cared enough to find and read it. I rely solely on the discussions of the relationship with the contractors in the financial press.

My experience with deliveries by Amazon contractors is far superior to my experience with FEDEX Ground/Home contractors.

If Amazon used FEDEX’s contractors with Amazon’s packaging, nothing would arrive undamaged.


Amazon did advertise for people to own their own business operating delivery service. Only $10,000 and Amazon supplied the vehicles, etc.

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

No way would I want to operate a business where they dictate everything.


They had several contractors who left the program last year because they could not make any money in the cities they delivered in.

Like everything about Amazon, you tolerate it so long as you make enough to allow you to tolerate it. And when you don’t make enough, you move on.


It’s not really our business if Amazon gets to dictate the minutiae of running it, which they do. At least as sellers, we can go off and sell on other sites or whatever. I doubt the Amazon delivery businesses get to deliver packages for competitors or choose the route or any other thing about running their business. When we can’t expand our business beyond one client – and when that client gets to tell us exactly how to run it – it’s not our own business.

Oh, what platform do you sell on?

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Yes, but we choose to sell on amazon. With that Amazon delivery service, you can service Amazon only. There is no choice. We can sell on Walmart, Ebay, etc. Try delivering for non-Amazon businesses with the business you “own” when you deliver for Amazon. We can set our prices. Yes, Amazon may choose not to sell at our prices, but try adjusting the price of delivery with that delivery service. I’m pretty sure there is absolutely no wiggle room there.

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And franchise Amazon delivery drivers are not the only ones getting screwed. Rural carriers I know struggle to keep their vehicles running.

The so-called “gig economy” is always unfair.

Uber and Lyft have been known to cut fares and take other action to the detriment of their contractors. And the amount they pay is less than the cost per mile which independent sources estimate is need to cover the cost of owning and maintaining their vehicles.

I love when people who complain about people who complain about companies who exploit their workers, use Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, GrubHub and other similar companies. It is as if they get a pass because the use technology.


Oh. Ok. Some people who use these similar companies are sympathetic to these inequities and tip appropriately. Some ■■■■■■■■ don’t.


Facebook must be reading minds now. This just showed up. And yes… I need to charge my phone.


Or monitoring what you are reading. Creepy.

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Here’s an interesting bit of information in that article that explains some missing delivery scans:

Another rural carrier, in an email to Wyden’s office, said poor reception on their route means the scanner isn’t picking up some scans.

“My scanner sometimes shows hundreds of missing packages when I come back to the office, even though I was certain I have scanned them at the delivery point,” the carrier said.

The new pay system sounds like a real mess. Bad bots in charge.

Lankford said the RRECS system also isn’t properly accepting data on “parent-child routes,” in which a rural carrier’s route crosses into multiple ZIP codes.

The system, he said, will show a carrier, for example, completing a route in Mount Vernon, Missouri, but doesn’t show any deliveries made for a “child route” in the neighboring town of Miller.

“The system cannot compute two ZIP codes of coverage,” he said.

Lankford said cluster box units on his route, which account for mail for multiple residences, are also being counted as a single mailbox under RRECS.

“I have lost 39 boxes off my route. That costs me money, and that’s through no fault of my own. It’s the math of this system that they still have,” he said.

Consequences of garbage in - garbage out, causing real financial pain for these carriers.


An interesting article about how “delivering for Amazon” is simply a way for Amazon to externalize what should be its costs on arms-length 3rd parties.

The article show the same situation that many who decide to sell on Amazon discover, the ignorant and inexperienced who decide to play the game are likely to lose money.

Most of these delivery contractors go into debt as well, unlike many Amazon sellers who cannot get any credit.

Ever since the Internet became a part of the mainstream, people have been led to believe they can make money without any skills or intelligence. Some do, most do not.


Wow, blame the victim? Seriously?

This is more akin to an MLM scam, with Amazon at the top of the MLM pyramid, and the victims being anyone choosing to get into the “Amazon delivery” biz. Just like sellers, for every one that drops out or goes bust, there are 3 waiting to take his spot. Or maybe not, as not everyone has the work ethic to want to be in the “delivery” business, as it is a very hands-on business to run. Not like a seller who thinks he can play middleman between Chinese factories and the North American consumer from a beach in the Caribbean.

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There are many people who are victims because they lack the ability to make decisions on their lives. The need to be blamed for their own failure.

Some chose to invest in meme stocks or crypto, some choose to deal with Amazon.

The result is usually less money in the pocket.

The suckers who play middleman for the Chinese are also in a hands on business, where the stupid and lazy fail.

The big difference between them and the delivery services is they support an entire network of grafters who take their money, not just Amazon.

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