Insane sellers like this remain for so long

Still active: LINK

  • Shipped a small worthless pocket notebook rather than “pillar of prayer”
    By Graham on September 12, 2023.

  • Warning: the third-party seller on Amazon took my money and gave me some cheap little piece of cardboard instead of the textbook. My daughter needed for college. We’ve been waiting for four weeks to get the book and then they cheated us. Buyers bewareRead less
    By CAJ on September 25, 2023.

  • This is a SCAM. Ordered a textbook and they sent a tiny blank notebook instead and claim they sent the text book separately but show no evidence of this in the account. Tried to show me a fake FedEx shipping page that is not even me, not to mention the actual tiny booklet was sent USPS as shown in the account. Total Scam, do NOT order from them.Read less
    By Marisa on September 21, 2023.

  • Sent a blank note book of 5" X 3.5" X 0.1"??? Looks very suspicious, when the order was for a Hard bound Technical book.
    By Dr. Solon on February 21, 2023.

Another reason I’m in favor of increased barrier to entry.


Anyone with over 200 feedbacks and less than 80% approval rating (or something similar) should immediately be in review, imo. This alone would eliminate most of ballast on the site. Not sure how some of the phrases in the feedback here don’t trigger an auto review.


Well, when the Silk Road Initiative’s ‘Furminator scam’ was shut down, the Turks had to switch to new “business” models…


Looks like most of their orders are fine, and they just do a few high priced scams.

They probably legitimately ship a bunch of cheap items, then do just enough scams so they stay under the ODR suspension thresholds.

You have to remember every 1 positive feedback represents 50-100 orders, since positive feedback are rare, but every 1 negative feedback represents 1-2 problem orders, since almost everyone complains if there’s a problem (especially for what sounds like expensive textbooks)

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why does this sound like you’re defending this criminal activity that harms all 3P Sellers?

Giving Rosenberg frfr :eyes:

I’m stating the reason why they’re still an active seller.

They’re circumventing an ODR suspension with how they operate.

Nice feedback

Is there even one bookseller in Turkey who is not a scammer?


Orders 1000+ in 30 days
Lifetime feedback 112
Negative feedback 20
30 day feedback 12
Negative feedback 3

Actual percentage of negative feedback 0.3% based on all sales. for a month.

Estimated negative feedback in 1 year per order totals 0.16%

ODR is based on total orders not feedback.

Why would anyone expect to buy a textbook published in English from a bookseller in Turkey?

Those who are tested for English Proficiency are ranked low. And we know the education rate is poor as well.

I would assume the motivation is price. Let me guess based on zero information on the seller - their prices are unbeatable.

As they used to say on NPR’s Car Talk - “the stingy man pays the most”.

Sorry to be so negative during my reduced presence on this site.


It’s actually a very common thing.

Typically, textbooks are published with a hard cover, and very expensive in the US. In a lot of other places in the world, they’re published with a soft cover, and are 1/10th the cost. As for their usage in a college class, both versions are equivalent (except for the cover, which doesn’t matter). Which one do you think a college student will choose?

I wish grey market textbooks were a common thing when I went to college.

The cost may be low, but the number available in Turkey is probably also low. Especially, now when the Turkish Lira is effectively worthless and books need to be purchased with dollars.

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Specifically Turkey, maybe, but softcover textbooks are available in many countries outside of the US for non-egregious prices.

Agreed. India is a more likely and reliable source country.

Well, unfortunately when someone’s seeking grey market goods, “reliable” often isn’t a huge part of the equation. You often get businesses with questionable practices, such as the one pointed out in the OP where they scam the buyer if they happen to be out of stock on something.

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There are some reliable sources of grey market goods. Costco used to be for Lalique and Kosta Boda, as well as some watches.

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As a Buyer, I don’t love that.


Or this seller…