Interesting Article (Amazon intentionally hiding brand names)

It’s pretty funny that the listing guidelines force the brand name if you want it or not in your title and now it’s being suppressed for some. Wonder if this affects search as well. Not seeing this happen on our listings but maybe you PL sellers out there are.

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Well, their main photo doesn’t follow Amazon’s rules (unless the listing is for a rainbow of 5 water bottles for $20).


Saw this. Haven’t noticed myself but the paradox, like all things amazon is quite apparent.

It can work for some listings that have brand names unfamiliar/alien to the US marketplace I guess - Like


Or especially in the mobile accessories category

Hrbzo - usb type c cables - seller name is jinmuruilin


The “brand name in the listing” rule should be easy to follow if one understands basic trademark usage, but many don’t get the concept, or use awkward and clumsy techniques (the worst being the US TV commercials that had actors singing “I’m stuck on Band-Aid brand, 'cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me”).

Stripping it off? I think it is an (automated, and thereby sloppy) attempt to devalue the pseudo-brands that seem to exist only on the Amazon platform, as they are attempts by sellers to apply a “brand” to a generic item, otherwise indistinguishable from those sold by many other sellers (as it is the same exact item!), and have a listing to themselves.

The result is 100 or 1000 ASINs for the same exact item, some flimsily piece of crap made in China (as we call it “Landfill-Ready Products”). Amazon’s goal here is to expose the middlemen as middlemen, and show that the actual low-price seller is the factory in China, who has awoken from their slumber and started selling FBA, sending pallet loads to Amazon.

The endgame here is pretty clear - if your “business” is buying junk made in Asia and selling it with no more added value than a better product description in your language and some nice photos, you may not have a business much longer, as Amazon shows buyers all the “related goods” in a single query for the any pseudo-brand within the set of mostly identical items.

I want to believe this but I don’t, at least not yet. Amazon has always catered to these sellers.

How exactly are they determining which listings / “brands” to pick off? I think we all know that Amazon’s sledge hammer AI approach has never worked.

Does anyone really think that there’s some real human team making these determinations?

It’s just another piece of junk AI programming. Anyone who’s excited by the prospects of AI fixing problems are making things better should look no further than the ecommerce giant named Amazon.

AI has made things harder and delivered junk to trusting customers and more or less crushed anyone on the marketplace that wants to do it right without a $10M annual advertising budget / team.

I’ve got some close family who have made a small fortune trading NVIDIA. I tell them all to proceed with caution. Probably not a stock you want to hold long-term.

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