International Sales occurring when I have not authorized international sales.

I have received 3 sales from overseas recently. Sweden, Netherlands, and now Singapore. The shipping cost far exceeds what Amazon reimburses for such sales.

I have not authorized sales that are international.

I cancel and give undeliverable as the reason. My metrics take a hit.

How can I stop international customers from ordering from me?


Have you checked your shipping templates to make sure international is not enabled? Even if you did not enable it, we are talking Amazon, who often think they know better, and have been known to adjust this kind of thing without you even knowing about it.

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THIS :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up: All day long.

Not only can this happen for FBM sellers but also FBA sellers.

Amazon made our products available globally and it caused all sorts of major problems seeing as they aren’t legal OTC in most countries…

Yes, I saw the note on that when Amazon announced they were going to do it and we disabled FBA Export and Global. 6 months later it turned itself back on. We noticed it but sort of looked the other way bc the sales were amazing ($20K per month). That was a mistake… Not only did we get hit with countless returns for customs rejection but it screwed with our conversion and organic search placement. Took some time for all of that to correct itself so it was a lose / lose proposition.

Every Monday morning I navigate to those pages to ensure they are still shut off.

ETA - Every single “Like” product that is a 1P listing (sold by / shipped by Amazon) is available globally. We thought if it was good enough for Amazon it must be good enough for us. So we both were breaking the law I suppose. Now only Amazon is. Shocking… :roll_eyes:


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Are you on the professional plan, or individual?

If on the pro plan, check each of your shipping templates.
If on the individual plan, you have to check each SKU.


Thanks for the responses. I think I am an individual seller. I closed my professional store when Amazon devastated my selling by restrictions that left only media available. I had a very nice income matching my social security payouts for years. Now I am lucky if I can buy a decent bottle of whiskey each month.

Do I have to change every individual sku to prevent theses sales? I have thousands. International sales is not enabled in my settings.

Thanks for all the responses this is my first reply. Not sure about the mechanics if this will be seen by all or only one person.


This forum acts much like the previous version of the Amazon forum. Any who look at this thread will see your response.

If Amazon still has a “universal” setting for shipping preferences for individual sellers, be advised that is 100% useless. Supposedly it affects the default settings for the add page when you add a new offering. Maybe it does, maybe not. What is does NOT do is have any effect at all on existing listings.

An item by item edit is the only cure.

Your choices are to do nothing and take your chances having to occasionally cancel an order, or to check them all.

You can set the per page view in Manage Inventory to 250. Then – maybe for an hour every day – go through them all.

I have had to do such housekeeping chores with Amazon – look at every single listing – on two occasions. With about 3000 (then), it was tedious, but doable. (I am on the pro plan, but don’t use the upload files)

While on this general subject, I would urge you to delete (not just close) but delete all inactive listings. It can prevent some very annoying trouble.


Sadly, yes.

@Book_meister if you recently downgraded from the Professional plan to the Individual plan, Amazon might have reset your SKUs without warning or alert.

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I am not going to reset thousands of sku. I will live with the consequences. Though have a 1 in 6 cancellation rate the metrics show healthy



Definitely, if your metrics can take it, don’t take the time. It still sucks, though.

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