Inventory Destroyed

Dear Friends, I had a terrible experience few days back when i received an email from
Amazon Seller support as follows:

“”“We thought you’d like to know that we have completed your destroy request.”“”

Besides they have charged me about EURO 440 something and this all happened while my account was deactivated, i opened a case but the support team advised that first i have to get my account activated.

Can anyone help how to stop Amazon from Destroying my inventory or if they have already destroyed how to get compensation ?

Kind Regards


You can try taking them to arbitration, but as I’m sure you got numerous emails letting you know the items would be getting destroyed, then a final warning email, it is highly unlikely that would be worth your lawyer’s time.

Your items are destroyed. Amazon will not compensate barring some weird extenuating circumstances. In the future make sure you read your Amazon emails.

Edit: Also, why was/is your account deactivated?

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Agree, this is an important part of the puzzle.

This statement from Amazon is very clear to me.


How long were you deactivated? I recall reading in the TOS that unsellable products would get destroyed at your expense after a short period. You should have recalled your inventory, shortly after it became unsellable. Since you agreed and consented to this, I think you are going to just have to accept the destruction and pay the bill.

I would also encourage that going forward you consider reading all contracts and agreements very carefully and take care that you fully understand them before agreeing and consenting to them.


@Asif I am sorry to hear that Amazon moved forward on destroying your inventory while your account was deactivated and while you were actively working to reactivate.

Unfortunately, this is a known risk when using FBA without first ensuring that your account is fully activated and viable–and honestly, sometimes even when it is. :grimacing:

It is important for all Sellers to respond to all messages from Amazon immediately and to involve a US-based attorney quickly if Amazon mentions destroying inventory during a suspension.

In my opinion, at this time, Amazon will neither reimburse you for the removal costs nor compensate you for the list inventory, unfortunately.

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Noted thanks, my account was deactivated due to linked account

What happens if i don’t pay the bill

it was deactivated due to linked account

Thank you, for that information. I think based on the time lag here we are in a different part of the world.

This needed to be addressed, when you were confronted with it. Not sure if that linked account had violations, if so they needed to be resolved. Not sure if it was not actually linked to you. If so you needed to prove that.

I have personal experience with this. As in knowing someone that did not pay Amazon. For them they knocked on the door, as in they hired a person to go get the money. I am not using a parable to explain what happened they literally knocked on the door.

Now the amount of money may have been higher, the US could be different than where you may live. Even so do know, they expect to get paid.

If you are trying to skip on this bill at this point you need to be sure they have no credit card of yours on file. And you should never provide them with one for the rest of your life.

While I do feel bad for your situation, I would have looked them in the eye day one. I would normally not share the solution in the last paragraph. You should know this will not end. Bankruptcy will end it, depending on how you are registered as a business on Amazon. Even then it will be painful.

I too have made mistakes in the three decades of managing our company. And the two decades of working for others. I tell all our interns and employees, we never make mistakes. Many of the younger peoples eyes pop out at this point. Then I add, you only learn from what you did. What it cost our family company is not important. What is important is that you learn, and learn not to do it again.

Peace, and Godspeed in your mission.


€ 440? You and your children’s children will never be permitted to sell on Amazon, Ever. It isn’t enough money for Amazon to pursue with much vigor and enthusiasm. They may try to charge your credit card on file, they might possibly put a lien on your property. They may even send you nasty letters. Eventually, they will probably just write it off and issue you a 1099-G (for the sum, plus interest and penalties, etc.). And report it as income to you. So you will have to pay taxes on maybe €1,200 to €$2,000 in five or ten years.

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