Is "Amazon's Overall Choice" A Matter of Outbidding someone else?

Amazon says that an “overall choice” is “highly rated, well-priced and available to ship immediately”. But I have a knock-off artist (not a counterfeiter) who seems to have “won” this flag, even when one searches for my product by name. BUT:

  • I have 569 reviews and 4.5 stars - they have 185 reviews, 4 stars.
  • His price is a nickle cheaper, but he charges $7 for FBM shipping.
  • My shipping is free.
  • Even with his $7 shipping, his earliest delivery date is 5 days later than my free shipping option.

So, by Amazon’s definitions, the flag should NOT be on the knock-off product.
But it is… so what does one buy from Amazon to get this? Product targeted PPC?

From what I was told by my first SAS manager, this badge is pay to play.

The seller that spends the most on PPC wins if all other qualifiers are there.

If they drop to 3.9 stars, it will go away in your case.

Pretty sad that it’s pay to play. Someone should talk to Congress about this if they were open for business.

Too bad he wouldn’t put it in writing.

Someone needs to talk to congress about why someone has to pay SAS to get the answer or other problems solved.

So there are at least SOME “minimum qualifications”, then. What is the full list of these minimum qualifications, in addition to paying amazon money?


Customer Ratings
Shipping speed - If both FBA - AC goes to the one that has same day or next day Prime.
Pay to Play

I’ll revisit this thread at some point tomorrow once I dig up the email I think I have on the qualifications in case I missed something.

I could write a book on our Amazon’s Choice BS struggles

Here’s the basics though

  • Same basic product
  • we had a better star avg by far
  • we were $1 less for 50% more servings
  • we held the badge for about a year every single day and then lost it

I went back and forth with SAS over this for months and he opened a couple of internal cases on it bc it doesn’t make sense.

At the end of it, I suggested that it was pay to play and he agreed. We’re not dumb enough to spend the kind of $ this other moron seller does because the idea of a business is to turn a profit I think.

It’s this same BS brand, who we’ve had legal brushes with in the past (They stole our IP) that I firmly believe is now attacking us on Walmart because we destroyed their business there with our product and took the best seller badge (and popular pick) from them in less than 4 months. Something they had for 3 years.


Bc Amazon is pay to play from beginning to end.

You either pay or your don’t play

I doubt it’s illegal to offer a premium service for better service


One could argue that it’s not better service but basic service. :unamused:

Again, the Music Man


Companies don’t have to provide you any kind of service (for free) though.

Where is @Dogtamer with the nail hammer thingy to drive this home.

You rang?


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