Is it just me but are the NSFE filled with "seller support won't help please mods"

Help me Obi-Mods, your our only hope.

It seems the only way to actually get support is to have the mods do it for you.


OSFE had a lot of those too. I think they are just easier to see now because there is so little other… helpful content.


Thanks, Katie /sarc.

'Tis not my habit, nor predilection, to wish any fellow human ill - and certainly not on Thanksgiving Eve, of all days - but there’s a reason why I’ve got a bag of coal prepped for The Harpy’s Christmas Stocking-stuffer.

It will be interesting to note whether or not KJ’s earnest effort to help in this NSFE discussion pays off:

@Dogtamer is Santa - confirmed.

Hush, now - not ALL of me great-grand- and grand-kids have figured that out yet. :wink: