Is it normal for Prime shipping status to disappear from the listing while the FBA shipment hasn't been received at Amazon?

Today I noticed that half of yesterday orders of one product was cancelled. I checked around and noticed that the last SPD shipment of this product hasn’t been checked-in. The UPS status was Delivered. However Amazon didn’t indicate out of stock in the listing and the Prime status of this listing disappear (no Prime logo to be found anywhere in the listing). Is this normal? I guess it is (since Amazon couldn’t do Prime 2 day delivery until the shipment actually arrives, right?

Unusual, very unusual for this situation to happen within 24 hours with a valid inbound that has been scanned.

After a week or 2, yes.

Perhaps it was a single buyer that was buying / cancelling / payment issue.


Thanks for your reply. I thought it was normal for people to cancel after learning that they would have to wait more than a few days for the product to arrive. What I wonder whether it’s unusual is the disappearing of the Prime status in the listing.


I think Prime only appears, when Prime terms can be fulfilled.

I think.

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People are not normal, remember that. LOL

I would not worry about this. Everything will return to “normal”, once the inventory is checked in and received.

This may not be true right now. We have some items that arrived on Friday of last week. They were showing an availability date of August 7th. I have never seen that much of a delay. They showed up on the catalog page today with a ship date of July 29th. No Prime badge but they indicated prime.

We do a blend of FBA and FBM, so we have the buybox on our FBM stock right now.

We have other products with similar issues for the last two weeks. I think Prime Day is having a big effect on the inbound shipments.

On a normal day, we ship on “Magic Wednesday” items are received over the weekend or on Monday at the latest. Within 5 days they are available for shipment and have the prime badge. Many of them are still being shuffled around the country but from our location we see “real” prime availability.

Well… Prime Day is right around the corner. It’s just like Q4.

good point

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I know Amazon will extend my shipping dates when the product is sitting on the docks to show 2 weeks or more, but I think the loss of the Prime badge may be more of a reaction to the FTC lawsuit on “tricking customers into 2 day shipping”

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