Is there a way to configure how fast Amazon's automated pricing updates?

I remember that in the past, automated pricing would instantly update against 3rd party repricers, now it seems like it takes a while to react. Is there any way to make it update quicker like it did in the past?

I wonder if the currently-occurring foibles - there would appear to be, as of the last few days at the time of this writing, 5Jan`24, @ least 5 separate behind-the-scenes initiatives underway which seem to be throwing up various stumbling blocks in multitudinous Seller Central workflows - are now affecting Amazon’s automated pricing functionality?

Never having used repricing strategies myself, the only expertise I can claim in the area is the study of it I’ve undertaken from afar, leavened with the experiences of using it gleaned from various discussion venues - but given the obvious evidence of Amazon conducting ‘Big Tinkering’ in so many aspects of Seller Central, I suspect that it might be worthwhile to refrain from doing anything other than sitting tight, and waiting for the dust to settle.


It was probably implemented with a designated time slice at a designated priority. And approval from upper management allowed that much processing power, and no more.

Everybody is on a list, and cycles through in order. When they are all done, the list is reset to the beginning, and the processing begins anew.
If the list gets longer, it takes longer to get through it, and longer to come back to a particular seller and their pricing rule.

So it is getting slow, and as more sellers use it, it will get even slower in the future.

It is not actively depreciated, but like many things at Amazon, it had its day in the boardroom sun. It will not have such a day again, and will slowly sink into the ever growing pile of electronic sludge at the bottom of the Amazon software stack.

I don’t think automated pricing is ever going to the bottom of the software stack. Getting sellers to lower their prices seems to be a top Amazon priority, and providing software to do so efficiently will never be a back burner thing.

They spend a lot of money on their internet wide scraping program in order to flag and suppress sellers’ listings as uncompetitive, they would love it if every seller set up automated pricing rules, which include “competitive” price comparison rules, to dump their prices and increase order flow to Amazon

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I agree with that. But we must distinguish between the voluntarily and involuntary.

Too many sellers - myself included - do not share Amazon’s goal, and will not participate in a race to the bottom, despite the free repricing program offered to them. ( It probably has something to do with the additional costs of selling on Amazon, but I digress )

I suspect that Amazon management did not expect this. If they had, they would have started with the involuntary repricing first, or at least concurrently.

So Amazon is concentrating their efforts on involuntary pricing. The voluntary program will be allowed to languish.

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It’s 2 separate programs really.

The auto repricer is geared to getting people to race to the bottom when there’s multiple competing sellers on a listing. The competitive pricing enforcement is geared towards brand owners who want to charge a premium on Amazon. Speaking of which, there are ways to legally offer a discount on your own website without violating Amazon’s rules, such as a coupon code that’s always active and can always be used

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