Is there a way to view the PPC change log in the last 6 - 12 months?


I just discovered that part of the sales drop of one of the products was because of the decline in impression starting last March. I don’t remember what changes I made to cause the gradual drop in sales over time. Is there a way or tools that would show me the change log of a specific PPC campaign? My hope is that it would help me revert the changes and (hopefully) the sales would get back to the way it was. Please advise. Thanks.

Our Thoughts …

We believe this is when Amazon started tweaking Advertising again. January … advertising crashed as we were billed out at $4.12 (we shook our heads too). February, March and April came back about normal and then May, June and July were double in cost (sales were okay but not record breaking). August seems to falling back to March April levels. The sales followed our normal seasonal pattern where as advertising seemed erratic. And now we are seeing this little gem …

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 19-45-08 Campaigns Amazon Advertising

Amazon is pushing for sellers to bid higher again going into the holiday season. We don’t get involved in the holiday bidding season. It’s not our best season so we’re not going to toss money at it.

Thanks for your reply. $4.12 per click? :open_mouth: wow! I thought I was the only one who’s getting ripped off from $1.50 per click and no sales.

Excuse my limited knowledge. How is it a little gem? Do you mean that increasing Bid Adjustment from 400% to 500% triple the percentage of appearing top of search?

Same here. Not only that bid cost is more expensive, FBA storage fee is also more than triple. Years ago I used to stock up tons of items with FBA for Q4. Not any more. Expensive PPC + Expensive FBA storage fee eats up all the potential profit.

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No … the total month was $4.12 (and we did no changes … it just collapsed that month). Our bids are $0.60 and under.

Sarcasm … to see Amazon suggest us to increase our bid by 400% or 500% would be economic suicide if we were to do such a thing. When your items are under $30 and you pay $4.49 fees, average $4.00 shipping, packaging cost, product cost and occasional promotions, the suggestion to increase advertising to $2.40 to $3.00 is nuts as we are not in the business to simply provide for Amazon. And. as you noted, FBA costs would take even more profit from us.