Issue creating SS ticket - bank verification

I’m so frustrated right now! I’m attempting to create a ticket to get the bank verification submitted. I’m in a crazy help loop. I click Help, enter the details (it’s not any of the default options), but the Contact Us link is no longer at the bottom right of the screen. The system just routes me back to the help page about Managing Deposit Methods. How an I actually submit a ticket??? (I’m so irritated, maybe I just can’t think…but why does this have to be SO hard!)

Try wording the issue differently. Amazon put bots up awhile back to block access to Seller Support.

You can thank your fellow 3PS who sell a used ‘collectible’ board game or beanie baby every month or so but believed that they should be able to speak to a real person whenever they had an issue. Such as; “Why do I need an Invoice or permission to sell my 30 year old Monopoly game as new, that I bought at my neighbors garage sale?”


Try this → Other Issues


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Yea, this is bookmarked… TY

We still have the old contact workflow but I am sure that’s not going to be around long.


I’ve bookmarked too!

It allowed a call, with a real person. 1st contact was foreign, but when transferred internally it was US based person. Wowee, I feel like I won the lottery!


Hi all, just bumping this post to make sure that it is seen AND that you

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Thank you Medic! :bouquet:

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How did you manage to get the second person (i.e., the 2nd level)? The first person is not that helpful.

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The first support agent who transfered me after he couldn’t fix my issue.

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