Item(s) Sold to Major Celebrity Help needed

Have a line of items that are very popular on etsy. They are sold on our Shopify and Instagram stores.
A major celebrity purchased one item, then another and another and
went on Instagram, et al, showing the items and tagged our instagram handle.
Would like to offer these items on Amazon.
Can the celebrity name and the word “instagram” be mentioned anywhere in the product
All new territory for me/us here as we move fast forward in another direction.
Appreciate the help and expertise,

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You might consider seeing if this person would be interested in a marketing agreement. If so, you could print / have printed full color labels for 1 side of the retail box showing “as seen on @celeb’s instagram,” no?

And if it’s literally part of your retail packaging in this manner, Amazon might have to let it slide, I’d think.

Unless the bots kill it and then you’re probably boned.


I don’t think you can use their name unless they agree to it. You’d probably have to pay them. OTOH, the IG post is a free ad, so congrats!


Hell no! That’s an invasion of privacy besides just being plain wrong.

A celebrity ought to be allowed to buy something without it creating a problem for them.

Just smile to yourself – be contented with the sale(s).


Generally-speaking, what I used to regularly post in the OSFE still holds true:

This is why Trade Dress that is seemingly in discord with the 'No Diversion Of Sales" provision widely-specified in Amazon’s published policies - such as the inclusion of website address, QR-Marketing codes, etc. - have not only continued to flourish (even with FBA), but have in the last several years prompted certain Amazon programs designed to garner a share of the pie into its own coffers via facilitating Amazon-hosted tools & techniques for promulgating them.

I’m in agreement with you, regarding our friend @JustForFunStuff extending a feeler re: a Marketing Agreement with said celebrity - that CAN become a profitable enterprise right-quickly, if the principal is amenable.

Were I ever to be faced with such a scenario, I’d probably be inclined to ensure, in the original communication reaching out to them, that said celebrity is assuaged of any concerns for the ‘paparazzi syndrome’ possibly being in play, as elucidated by our friend @bookwormapril:


Working on this. Celeb is actually very happy to promote the brand as well as the shop.
The story and coincidence behind the entire thing is stunning and unbelievable.

It wasn’t looked upon as a problem - celeb was actually quite happy to help promote!
I’'m still shaking my head in awe at how the entire thing went down. It’s an item under my son’s trademark and the celeb (totally coincidental purchase) was his idol for years.
To be honest we have all been shocked at the desire to promote.

Amazon being “fragile like a bomb” as we say around here - the bots can get triggered from the smallest word, issue- anything. Never been in a situation like this before and we’ve kept this line of merchandise away from Amazon for many reasons. People who don’t know “the business of Amazon” often give incorrect advice - the “gurus” are here IMO.



There’s a reason why I’ve so long advocated the need for having proper legal representation well in hand - in our own experience over the years, once Amazon’s OGC (“Office of the General Counsel”) hands down a ruling which produces an ‘internal annotation’ upon one’s operations, even the most-aggressive and/or poorly-parameterized Amabots usually find another field in which to play…


I should have been clearer in my original post.
The concern is AMAZON, not the celeb.
The instagram link has been shared by them to us directly
with permission/encouragement to share.
Worried about an unnecessary deactivation of the entire account after a bot caught something they deemed “nefarious”.


I sincerely doubt that I’m any Lone Ranger in terms having discerned that that WAS likely to be THE primary concern in your mind when you crafted your topic/thread-creating post.

Yes, I understood this to be the case.

There’s a reason why my previous replies to your thread here in the SAS/BSFE point to this portion of my immediately-previous post:

I am not presently a Member At The Bar, but I continue to be constrained to supervise (and pay for) the services of those who are, as This IS The Way Of The World in Our Modern Times.

You are worried with good reason, as we ALL know to true when we contemplate Amazon’s long- and well-demonstrated capriciousness - but I would reiterate (despite my life-long general disdain for the profession of that discipline) that the way forward hinges on the above.

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I frankly have no clue whether Amazon would see any policy violation in a reference or not. But I share the concerns about the risk you take.

Users on Instagram who have already seen this endorsement are probably the one’s who care most about this celeb.

Other people who have an interest in this celeb and his/her opinion might be found through other social media.

Since I have no clue as to what the product is or who the celeb is, I have no clue how much help this endorsement will be to your sales, and how much risk and effort you should take.

You need not answer me, but I think you need to answer this question for yourself.

Risk/reward analysis is an often ignored process - ask Anheuser-Busch.


I’ve only considered bringing this line here as we know the traffic on Amazon is second to none.
I’m not convinced this is the correct platform - thought I’d toss this out here before moving forward. The items have been very successful on etsy and through the shopify store.

Been a very stressful few months assisting in the care of my 91 year old mom. I’m not firing on all cylinders at the moment and truly appreciate the help and support offered here by all. I think so many of us are fatigued by watching accounts deactivated for something not well planned out /investigated or by a bot that hooked onto something it should have bypassed. Selling just about anything here can be a risk and deactivation can happen without warning. Unsettling to say the least.


I understand why you would be distracted.

Although I do not like Amazon, at the root of every Amazon disciplinary action is a good business reason to act. Selecting who should be a target is half-arsed because it is done on the cheap with so-called artificial intelligence, which is as demented as it is because it is driven by humans who are deficient in intelligence. Amazon prizes those who fit the corporate culture above those who are competent.

You cannot get up each morning expecting to be deactivated. You do what you feel is likely to stay within the limits of accepted behavior to reduce the odds, and you avoid getting swept up by the reaction latest negative press coverage.

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Not the name, and I would avoid “Instagram” specifically, but I believe you could note that the product went viral on social media or is “social media popular” or “as seen on” social media.

One of the product images might happen to include the part of your packaging where your IG handle is clearly displayed.

…but it’s been a few weeks, so you might have already made some changes. Any Amazon updates?


oh the plot has really thickened on this one. An unbelievable turn of events.
All excellent all truly unbelievable.
Still debating on this one. But the events of the past week or so may change everything.
Talk about fate!


That all sounds like great news!

In our early years early 1990’s we developed some software. A large for the time company wanted to know how we did it. I met with them. It was Lotus Development in Cambridge.

Our program extracted files from the postscript print portion of the slide and overhead software they offered. We then were able to image them to RGB cameras that took 100 foot rolls of film.

We were very open with them. When done, they asked, would you like to put a card in the box offering your imaging services? I said yes please, and thank you.

The result was several million dollars in orders. With a CoGS of 40 cents and a sell price of $4.00-$12.00 depending on turnaround.

Priceless. Sounds like you have also stepped in it. Godspeed.