Items not displaying offers

Has anyone had issues as of this week of new offers not showing up? I have listed on multiple items this week that refuse to display my offer. They have inventory, price and are currently in Walmart’s catalog but nothing shows up.

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Did you satisfy Walmart’s Buy Box? Are there other sellers showing besides the one in control? All the items show the published attribute?

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All new offers do not display at all. Many listings still displaying out of stock after 48hrs. Yes all published as well. I’m really stumped! I’ve been on Walmart for many years.

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Reload the inventory?

We find that Walmart does not always accept all of a file upload, be it inventory or tracking. Parts they will make changes on and they outright seem to ignore other parts of the file. This is why we upload the same information(with updates of course) during the course of a day to make sure it is accepted. No other online site has this issue. This issue applies to all parts of the Walmart structure that we sell through, seller and supplier both.

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There is something definitely happening with Walmart’s uploads. I can see feeds processing published and then disappear completely showing nothing uploaded back up to 4 days. Refresh again and they are gone. Even manual updates to single items are not working.

That is bad, even for Walmart. I sincerely recommend opening a case, preferably by phone.

I had to assign a shipping template I believe once

The other time, I had to add inventory – like it showed up and the inventory was zero.

Just some ideas, but I had to open a case for the shipping template part. Weird, other items showed up just fine.

Then again…years ago…I got unsuspended and everything looked FINE in Seller Central, but it took 6 weeks before I got a sale. Then they slowly started rolling in again. I firmly believe my listings were suppressed somehow on their back end.

Also, change something in the listing and save. Sometimes that shakes it loose.