It's always fun when buyers threaten to sue me.

The ones that threaten legal action are always the ones that entertain my friends and family the most.

This buyer claims in their first message that they can’t open a return request because I haven’t sent them a prepaid return label yet. Leaving aside that I didn’t send them a label because they didn’t ask for one, when I responded that the fastest and easiest way to get a return label was to open a return request, they immediately threatened legal action.

4 minutes later, another message from the buyer with the name and address of their law firm, and the pompous declaration that they lawyers will destroy me. I look up the law firm, it doesn’t exist. The address is a Denny’s in Sarasota.

While I am looking up this information, another messages comes through. This one claims that my fraudulent business practices have been forwarded to the FBI and “numerous other law enforcement agencies” for investigation. He signed off this last message saying “im gonna tesify at your trial.”


The best part :rofl:


So they took all this time to write these things, yet never bothered to open a return request.

I smell a “Karen”!


My liability insurance would LOVE to take these guys to court!

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I would have sent a reply with your attorneys address and used an IHOP.


Must be a full moon. Had someone call us today to complain about pretty much everything to get a $12 refund. She made me late for an important call too this morning.

Don’t be jealous that there are no returns for what we sell. It’s a pain in the ass and leads to more negative reviews… Wish I could make our products returnable. They used to be.

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Full moon was Sunday :wink:

I’m not jealous of your no returns at all. I have to pay for most of the returns I get, but at least I get the items back. You can’t even file SAFE-T claims.

Nah, I wrote back “How much are they charging you? $1.99? Are you out of your mind?”

I Googled a real law office in Chicago that I never heard of and told them that all correspondence should be directed to my attorney there.


Today’s favorite:
Buyer sends a message before ordering asking about delivery times and if the item is compatible with his system. I respond with our shipping estimates and let him know we need more information to determine compatibility. Buyer responds with some more specs, and we determine the item will work for him.

Buyer then places the order. We ship the order same day. This was yesterday.

Today, (the item is still in transit) the buyer sends a message demanding to know why we charged his card for an item he never ordered, insisting we are scamming him, and threatening to sue if we don’t refund his money immediately with an extra $50 for his troubles and as an apology for trying to steal from him.

Is it international wacko day and nobody told me?


I am going to try to avoid the political in this post by not attributing blame for the current situation to anyone.

Our CDC says that mental health problems in the USA are at an all time high.

Auto accidents have reached a high level. Defensive driving is more imperative than ever when I am on the streets and roads.

Everything costs more money and the levels of prices have reached the level where they cause discomfort whether you can afford them or not.

Civility, and respect for others is often absent from human interactions, let alone anything newsworthy.

People are lashing out in any way they can, against anyone they can

Whether anyone can competently do any job is open to question.

This is just another breakdown in behavior and there will be more before there are less, and everyone who deals with the public will have their limits tested.

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I agree 100% with all your other points. The one above can be observed, documented and is a clear data point of what you are saying.

  • Running Red Lights
  • No turn signals, more than normal times
  • No headlights at night
  • Never following the rules of the road at a stop sign
  • Right on red or stop with no stop, not even a California stop
  • I approached an intersection turning left, an oncoming car was turning left, the speed was high, I stopped and did not turn as I knew they would blow by me, or hit me. They turned left behind me, instead of in front of me
  • Officer with lights on the side of the road, no yield, just nearly clip him

In the last 6 months, I always look left and right twice after the light turns green. At least half a dozen times, I would have been T-Boned or hit.


As always, CYA, BlackVue dash cameras are my recommendation!


Not a bad idea, though I saw a young man tonight that had one barreling down the breakdown lane. Nice big, bright yellow one mounted on his dash.

In our state, I am a bit more concerned about road rage going overboard. Then a weapon comes out.


Today I got sworn at (sweared out?) because the buyer claims INR and I referred them to AtoZ claims instead of sending an immediate replacement. The rationale was “but it was PRIME! And you shipped it USPS! How dare you!” They didn’t get around to threatening legal action until the second message.

It was an FBM order and most certainly not Prime, but some buyers think a Prime account makes everything Prime and then they yell at me.

I am as amazed today as I was in the third grade that the people who don’t read instructions are the ones that complain the loudest when things don’t work out.


The part I don’t like is that all too often they are rewarded for it.

I remember getting mad at an AT&T rep once after being told that something was my fault because I had not complained and demanded. “So you mean that if I really am a bitch on wheels, then you’ll treat me right?”


“So you mean that if I really am a bitch on wheels, then you’ll treat me right?”

  • Bookwormapril 2/16/2023

When I had AT&T, I was charged a fortune for a call to Trinidad and Tobago that I didn’t make. I started polite and got pretty cranky around hour 2 on the phone with them, but nothing mattered. They charged me every penny, and I dropped them the next billing cycle.


This is exactly why Amazon has adopted such a liberal returns policy. AT&T didn’t get it, but Jeff did. I’m not defending the return policy abuses (and outright theft) by select Buyers. But I understand the theory behind the policy.

I don’t think Amazon should backtrack on their returns policy. But Amazon does need to address customer abuses, and devise a method of reigning in Buyers that go above and beyond when tearing down the walls of common decency and respect towards their fellow man. Namely me (and other Sellers).


I have never had a serious problem with returns, in any business I have owned.

The number of requests have always been low, so the effort I expend to avoid any scammers is tiny,

I spent my first 6 months on Amazon culling products and categories which generated higher customer service needs than I would accept.

There are definitely business which are more prone to issues than others, and I have avoided them.

The serial entrepreneur, developer of the Umbroller, and author, Deaver Brown warned new entrepreneurs against falling in love with their product.

I have been proud of the products, I developed, and those I chose to sell, but not in love with them. If they require too much effort after the sale, they are former products.

I have been good at setting financial goals for myself and my companies and meeting them. but that has often required strategic changes as part of the process.

Applies to my suppliers as well as my customers. For many years, we purchased our products from suppliers who we would be willing to invite to our home for dinner. And we did.

As for cell phone suppliers, we dropped Verizon over a billing dispute, and I sold my Verizon stock the next day.

Sent a letter to customer relations telling them what and why. Got a phone call offering us an offer to come back, and we told them where to go.

Ironically, we now use Verizon’s network, but through Xfinity who has managed not to piss me off, in spite of the reputation for lousy service. But when I have had an Xfinity service person at my home, he has left me his cell number, because Xfinity metrics punish him if any followup is required.


Xfinity/Comcast has learned in the last 10 years they are no longer the only option in town, and they are no longer the best option either, so they have turned very customer focused.

SHOCKINGLY My 600/23 connection has kept the same IP address at my hope for the last NEARLY 5 years, including a physical location change AND a modem change (I own my own modem).

I will be shutting off that service in the next few months as fiber was run down the street In Dec/Jan, and can’t beat 1g/1g fiber for $79/month (vs $120 for Comcast)

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Although it is an obvious conclusion, I believe it is related to an overall Bezos bias.

Do not commit to increased costs on the front end of any activity, to reduce back end exception handling costs.

When tracking was an extra fee from USPS, Amazon did not ship packages with tracking. There might have been costs associated with lost package claims which were not justified, but they were dwarfed by the cost of tracking.

I believe it is the same situation with buyer fraud, even with tiktok running how to videos.

Amazon has the volume to spread the costs of fraud, even if some, many, most of their 3P sellers do not.


Very “Kill your darlings”

If they need killin’.

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