Joyce Randolph has passed away....

As a huge Honeymooners fan, it was sad to see she passed away yesterday at 99…

Most people probably didn’t know “Trixie” was still with us (until yesterday).

RIP to the last surviving cast member of one of the best sitcoms in history.


obit parts - NYT

Ms. Randolph appeared in the program’s heyday from 1951 to 1957. It was first a skit on “Cavalcade of Stars,” a DuMont network variety show featuring Mr. Gleason. From 1952 to 1954, it was a segment on CBS’s “The Jackie Gleason Show.” In 1955-56, it was a self-contained half-hour CBS series, whose 39 episodes were filmed before a live audience of 1,000. Finally in 1957, it reappeared as part of “The Jackie Gleason Show.”

At the peak of the show’s popularity, Ms. Randolph was its lowest-salaried star at $500 a week. Mr. Gleason had contracts that paid millions, but he covered all the production costs and took $65,000 to $70,000 an episode. Mr. Carney was paid $3,500 and Ms. Meadows $2,000 weekly.

The cast had no illusions about making television history, and for Ms. Randolph, “The Honeymooners” was hardly even a full-time job. There was only one rehearsal, hours before airtime.

“We never saw Jackie until 11 a.m. on Saturday, the morning of the show,” she recalled in an interview with The New York Times. “At lunchtime there was just one run-through with Jackie. He said that comedy didn’t work if it was overrehearsed.”

Mr. Gleason spotted her in a 1951 chewing-gum commercial and hired her for a skit on his “Cavalcade of Stars.” She later joined “The Honeymooners,” replacing Elaine Stritch as Trixie after one performance. By then she was known as Joyce Randolph.

“The Honeymooners” was the high point of her career, but it allowed time for many other television roles, mostly as a victim of murder and mayhem. “In the past year,” a 1952 New York Daily News profile said, “TV actress Joyce Randolph has been shot 14 times, strangled four times, stabbed with a penknife three times, tossed out of windows twice, and run down by a speeding limousine once.”