July 23, July 23, or...July 23

SPOILER: I chose July 23.

As someone who reads a lot of Kindle books, those digital rewards add up!

Most of my kindle reads are downloads from the library.

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Didn't nail it

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At last! A “Minion, meet hammer” gif.

Me likey.


“Some orders may arrive a day early.” :rofl:

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But BUT…“fewer boxes, fewer trips” :laughing:


Yeah it does this to me every once in a while too

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Speaking of arriving early…

We ordered 3 things from Amazon at 1:45PM yesterday and they were on our doorstep in under 2 hours. Nuts… Must be slow post-prime…


One of the items was this

If anyone needs super flat / thin ethernet cables, I recommend this brand…

100 foot cable to juice up my sons gaming tower since the wifi isn’t great in his room.

Got 901 down / 750 up on Fios Gigabit… Just connected it now.

I have a much shorter cable going to a USBC adapter on this laptop and I can’t get anywhere near that speed…

I’m a Vertical Cable guy, but that’s not an Amazon brand!

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