Just got this email from Amazon: New–Lost Sales Opportunity Dashboard for seller fulfilled offers


We have launched the “Lost Sales Opportunity Dashboard" for your seller fulfilled offers. On this dashboard, you can view your out-of-stock ASINs and an estimation of how many sales you would have had if the stock had been available.

The “Lost Sales Opportunity Dashboard” will help you become more aware of the impact of out-of-stock ASINs on your business. On the dashboard, you will see the potential opportunity lost because customers couldn’t purchase your product while it was out of stock. This is calculated based on the recent sales history for these ASINs.

To improve your inventory management, we recommend that you access the Lost Sales Opportunity Dashboard on a weekly basis to review restock opportunities and avoid any sales loss.

The Dashboard is accessible in Seller Central: Amazon Sign-In

The Amazon Services team

I hate it already.

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Total waste. A tile in Seller Central reminds me daily how much $$$ I’m losing by not restocking Christmas items in FBA. Do we really need a dashboard with the same useless information?

From Manage Inventory, click the Inactive button to see what you’re out of. If you’re too stupid to figure out what you need to restock, you’re too stupid to be running a business.


Past Sales /= Future Sales

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I also got an email today reminding me that I can improve my FBA sell through and reduce long term storage fees by selling FBA overstock through Amazon Outlet deals. This was after the barrage of emails complaining that I haven’t sent in enough stuff to FBA.


I clicked the link in the email and I see this

Lost Sales Opportunity Report: 5/3/2023 to 11/3/2023
There has been no lost sales in selected period.

:crystal_ball: The future looks good, LOL


Me too. I couldn’t find this dashboard anywhere in seller central. Clicking on the email took me to a blank page.

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If you’re too stupid to figure out what you need to restock, you’re too stupid to be running a business.

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It is abundantly clear that Amazon has moved away from sellers like me who have a shallow but wide inventory which changes monthly, weekly or daily.

It is also clear that they are trying to build tools which cannot solve the problems of sellers who have transportation time problems from their offshore suppliers. And far too many of their sellers fall in that category.

I have gotten the message.

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If I am out of stock, it is good riddance to stuff I don’t want back. I’ll get around to deleting it from inventory . . . eventually.



I’m always glad to see the last of something, especially long tail items. I don’t necessarily delete listings because I might want to copy them if I’m making something similar


I view every single one of those boxes and announcements as basically advertising for Amazon to make more money. The more we send, the more they make - no matter whether it sells or not.

My whole SS page is Use MCF, Restock 22 of this thing that hasn’t sold in 30 days, Convert more to FBA, Add more Products, Use Coupons, List Globally, Lift Sales of this thing with Sponsored Products.

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