Leaving For 3 Solid Weeks - Limited Contact

My little Amazon side business needs to run itself on FBA for 3 whole weeks without me being available at all in the dead of winter for a product that can only be used in spring and summer. I see this as a no-brainer, but I wonder what Amazon does to sellers that take 3 weeks to respond to some random thing Amazon does.

I’m not kidding about being hard to contact, I am a physicist in my “day job”, and every other year I go down to Amundsen–Scott station at the geographic south pole in January (that’s “summer” down there). Yes, there is very limited bandwidth available for “personal emails”, but as a general rule, one tries to set a good example by refraining from stealing any bandwidth from the projects that must send and receive to get their work done.

But aside from stocking up inventory far beyond what could be sold in the off-season for my very seasonal product, does anyone have any advice?


This is so cool! :star_struck::nerd_face: Please plan to share some photos in :lock: SAS Confidential (members only) when you return!

I would authorize a secondary user to

  1. receive and read any Buyer messages (because even with FBA and on vacation, you still have to respond if you get a message)
  2. receive and pass on to you any performance notifications you might get from Amazon

…and that’s all I can think of since you shouldn’t be getting return or refund requests.

And truthfully, it’s unlikely that you’ll get Buyer or Amazon messages, either. But having someone who can check to make sure every day or every other day might be important.


Get a VA. Just kidding…

So there’s nobody around that can at least monitor any email you might get from Amazon and try to get to you to make a decision / guide them with what to do?

If you don’t ordinarily have regular “issues” to attend to when it comes to Amazon, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

If a buyer messages you, and you don’t respond, that could be a problem… Probably rarely happens, we only get a handful a year but of course it would come when you can’t respond…

Sounds like a really cool thing you are doing so enjoy that and have a safe trip!

We will miss you. :grinning:


Hang tight!




What @papy said. Very cool, and authorize a secondary user with limited permissions to deal with potential buyer messages. I strongly suggest that you check in at least once every 3 days just to make sure you are on top of any performance issues that could impact your account and that can’t wait til you get back, or that you have someone you trust do so. The odds of something happening that can’t wait until you get back are low, but if your account matters to you, better safe than sorry.

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Oh, thanks be to God. :innocent:

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So cool (literally) - I love the South Pole TikTok accounts. @thejeffcapps is a new fave. It’s just so interesting!


Howdafuq did you just put that in there so casually.

I mean literally whatintheactualfuq.

I feel dumb now.


Hope it’s extra chilly for you in the Southpole.



Global warming denies your wish

I mean it’s still pretty darn cold and if they’re anemic (B’s or Ferritin), they’re gonna feel it extra :person_shrugging:t3:

Just about everyone tries that pose, it is fun to see who can do a handstand, and who cannot.

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Well, heck, SOMEBODY has to do that sort of work.
Back when it still existed, I worked at AT&T Bell Labs, so I used to say that I “worked the day shift at the Idea Factory”. :wink:

The movies make us out to be far more than we actually are. Check my little avatar photo to see how seriously I take it all, that photo was from the “March For Science” [mod edit: removed political statement]


Actually, there are requirements for what we bring to keep from getting frostbite and snowblindness:


Problem is, for the first time in decades, I am taking along my “secondary user”, as one very much needs a lovely female companion, and as this may be my last visit to the pole, so I arm-twisted to bring my wife along as a contractor and specialist in OSHA compliance (I got old somehow, and “old” means “health risks”, and the clinic facility down there is minimal, and a medivac would be so expensive, we buy insurance for every trip to cover the horrible expense.)

So I’d guess I need to hire a secondary user. Anyone want some beer money for watching over the smallest number of sales you’d ever see, like less than 100 units for the entire 3-week period?


@oneida_books might be your guy

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Best wishes on your trip out of country. Way out of country!

I will not comment on your political statement, mostly since I do not care and do not care for most political people at the federal level. That and it is against forum rules.

However, as a pilot, (be sure to thank yours on the trip, it is not a hospitable place for aircraft) global warming is a thing.

Did you know that under 35K feet the temperature will decrease about 3.5 degrees per 1000 feet? Now we (pilots) look at it another way, the temperature (global cooling) goes up about 3.5 degrees per 1000 feet.

Part of our “other” not eCommerce business is aerial imaging. Hanging out the window of a Cessna or door of a helicopter I can say for sure, this fact is true.

That and when I was in ground school, we learned about the heating and cooling of the earth. It is true, and the synonym is weather.


Thank you for the heads up @Image! Personally, I went straight to my notification for this topic and unknowingly skipped several replies. Your comment prompted me to go back and discover several unread replies. @packetfire I edited the post in question.

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Please, if you see something, flag it for our close attention. We are also in the throes of Q4. Help us.

:pray: Thank you.


ETA above Increase and Decrease should be swapped. Temps go down as you climb, they go up as you descend. :person_facepalming: :airplane:

Long day, back to work!

Look, I just want to know when you’re heading out to Sk*n Walker Ranch. :alien:

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It’s all good as long as you know what way to push/pull the yoke to make the houses bigger/smaller.