Lehto's Law on Amazon Seller Caught Up In IP Lawsuit Dragnet

For those of you who noticed the Luke Combs story about a Amazon seller selling counterfeit items, here is a good video from Steve Lehto about the service process as well as some other tid bits.

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Combs is human, unlike most of the legal profession.

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Well its a bit deeper than that. She was stealing IP, but she could have defended herself and had a different outcome, if not simply served process paperwork by email while in the hospital.
A quarter of a million in a default judgement for $250 worth of tumblers over an email is kind of a pathetic judicial joke.


The judge how allowed serving via email (no proof) should be removed from the bench

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It’s not the judge, it’s the law

“by email instead of in person, something the Northern District of Illinois federal court allows”

Judge has to follow what the law says.

I stand corrected, the state is a joke.

You can not serve someone in my state and say you “served them” without proof

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Illinois is not a funny joke. Remember this is a state which has had more governors go to prison than any other.

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Jokes aren’t always funny

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