Likely Dropshipping. Why oh Why do they do this to themselves?!?


Because hundreds of Youtube/Tiktok videos told them they could. They wanted to drink the sweet sweet nectar from the cup of “passive income”. LOL


For those who won’t click to NSFE:

Bryce_Amazon has asked some clarifying questions:

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“The Challis of Passive income.” The Gurus are a Religion, (AKA snake oil) my opinion, in accordance with forum rules.


It sounds more like they were expecting a “supplier” to send things to Amazon for FBA (“send to inventory”)

But the poster is clueless. That combined with language barrier makes it hard to determine just what they had in mind.


Google a bit and you will find all sorts of websites based in SEA offering unlimited riches in opening a store on Amazon based on an LLC in Wyoming dropshipping from Walmart.

Hope Amazon’s forced Seller Identity program will get rid of such sellers.

No such luck, as a buyer we look at the addresses and locations. It is clear there are many ways around the ID program.