List of Holidays that would generally engender Coupons and Deals on Amazon

Besides Labor Day weekend, Black Friday, Cyber Monday - any other holidays people think competitors would participate in lightning deals?

  1. I ask because the algo is price sensitive and thus the listings generally should match the niche landscape to maintain rank on high volume skus

  2. If there are any listing issues during those times, the difficulty of rank and everything that is organic seo friendly such as choice badges etc tend to be interrupted and as a stop gap, discounts tend to be the leveling factor.

Might as well have some interesting topics that are unlike the NSFE here :slight_smile:

  • Amazon Prime Day :eyes:

  • Singles Day (Nov 11)–not really “celebrated” in US, but non-domestic Sellers run deals on .com for those who do, usually with singles’ marketing tie-ins.


The only discounting or promotions I have ever done is by using coupons. Helps build traction for new products, especially when there are many variations. It also doesn’t hurt that many people who click on the item forget to click the coupon when ordering. I really love these customers :laughing:


I mean… there’s also this


Was definitely looking at this but then I don’t think it’s been announced yet.

St. Valentine’s Day
Sadie Hawkins Day
Guy Fawkes Day
Pi Day
Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic

If I sold anything related to this, I would definitely run a sale on Talk Like A Pirate day.

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So would I - but then the local Krispy Kreme®-franchised outlets would miss me bringing in young’uns, in full regalia, and mangling ‘pirate-speech’ even more than I’ve been known to do… :grinning:

There’s a reason why I send the blue cookies to Baby Yoda, and hoard the free doughnuts for The Tribe…


Possibly Wayfair’s Way Day, if you sell furniture, appliances, homegoods, and decor.


SAS logged-in members, please check out this PRIVATE topic: An SAS Calendar of Sales Events for Ecommerce.

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Since the NSFE has inexplicably left our fellow Handmade Artisan sellers bereft of a ‘closed’ forum (a crucial privilege which they long enjoyed, and trusted to keep confidential information shared with other artisans safe from prying eyes), I was able to recover the text of today’s (25Oct23) Handmade Newsletter specifying the date of 2023’s annual “Handmade Coupon Party.”

The post I saw earlier today was made a fellow member of the SAS, but as I do not have their specific permission to reproduce the post in its entirety, I’ll refrain from that, or linking it back to the NSFE (even though it raises a question that has troubled the Handmade Community for some time, the seemingly-inexplicable near-abandonment of Amazon’s marketing efforts via SocMed venues for the Amazon Handmade Program), and simply post the text (sans the embedded links, as I do not have access to the email itself):


Thank you for copy and pasting! I hate doing that kind of stuff on my phone! I have no idea if it’s ok to copy or paste. I’ve never seen anything that forbid it (like makerplace Facebook group asks that you not).

I probably should have posted the coupon party stuff it in sellersasksellers as well. I had very limited computer time today and wanted to make sure I was heard on the handmade forum over there since I’m still one of the few people left that post here and there.

I have no idea if coupon party is a handmade only thing or if all of Amazon will be doing it.

But also I will add the stuff that was not copied and pasted (my own words paraphrased since I’m on my phone)

I was basically asking if they were planning on advertising this coupon party since they didn’t advertise the last one and then suggested maybe they post on their social media because handmades Instagram account has like 600k followers and the Facebook has 1.6 million. Last post on Instagram was from June or July and I think it was January for for Facebook?

I’m not even sure really this is the right thread but for those who don’t really know that Amazons Handmade platform is severely neglected and I like to poke the bear every once in awhile to remind them that buried under all the imported goods there are a few of us handmade makers who think this could be a great platform with a few changes.

I posted a huge “is amazon handmade dying” post on their handmade forum a few months ago with several of my concerns and the mods said they would make a statement post regarding my concerns but despite tagging the mods a few different times nothing came of it. I think at one point I was requested to post that thread somewhere on sellersasksellers but since I hate copy and pasting from my phone I think I forgot to do it lol. I think I might have been waiting for a mod update, but newsflash they seem to just skip over all my threads I post over there.


I don’t care if they even do that, they need to advertise outside of those that are already following handmade. and THAT, they won’t do. No point throwing a party in the basement, and only advertising to the folks who are already in the basement…