Listing Images keep getting changed to another child's Images

For those of you following my latest variations nightmare

  1. I have recreated everything and until yesterday there were no issues.

  2. The two children and parent were successfully established.

  3. However, now one of the children’s images has images on the listing from the other child’s images (different color) - however on the back end for both the images are correct.

  4. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Is it really because there is 0 inventory on both child listings? And it will self correct whence inventory is sent in?

  6. Seller Support (catalog) seems just as clueless.

  7. This occured previously except more data was being changed - in the listing population the color and title were being mixed between parent and children before. Now all of that seems like its not an issue, but the children have the same images of one of the child asins when opening on although in seller central the images show correctly in the upload area (whereas the display area the images are changed as well).


The answer finally from BR is that some variation themes are:

variated on a NON-visual dimension where as other variations themes are variated on visual dimensions.

“A visual dimension is defined as a dimension which will update the image block on hover (main image only) or select (main image + alt images).”

Example of visual dimension: color_name in all categories - Products differing by color are visually different & hence different images are shown for products differing only by color.

Example of non-visual dimension: size_name in apparel category - Apparel products which solely differ by size look similar. Hence it is not appropriate to show different images for them. eg: Levis Jean Black color will be shown the same images for sizes 30, 32, 34, etc.

Found here

Is there a list of visual vs non-visual varieted themes?


This is the first I’ve heard of this distinction. Surely it’s not BR-specific?

Perhaps @oneida_books knows?


Yah its not BR specific but variation theme specific. Of only they had a list.

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