Listing Quality Issue

Screenshot 2023-02-08 171640

On my end, I have it in the category of “Table-Runners”

I edited the title and deleted “Handmade” even though it is and this is a marketplace item. Not a handmade category item.

I opened a case about two weeks ago and they said give it 48 hours and they’ll fix it. Evidently not fixed.

Any other clues on what I should do?


This is a very last resort type of suggestion, and I may be shouting zebra for a simpler (yet annoying) problem of the item just being in the wrong category.

I always recommend not touching the Listing Quality Dashboard (LQD), but there are attributes that can’t be reached from anywhere else. Unfortunately (or fortunately) not all ASINs are on the LDQ, so sometimes it becomes impossible to edit attributes that Amazon assigns from who knows where

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The really important thing about this is they can’t be changed without using an inventory file once entered and some attributes aren’t even on the templates so whatever you enter in the LQD, you better make sure it’s right and not against some bot policy… Been there and done that!


Yeppers…reminds me of my post:

There was another big post where a mod got involved but #NFSucks and the search is either broken or just can’t find anything.

EDIT: found it - using the old forum.