Loki Season 2

9pm eastern tonight Uncle Loki is back!


I’ll be watching. Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan will be in the cast this year. Should be exciting.

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GOOD e1s2!


That is out already? I thought end of October?


My big look forward to is Star Wars: Snyder Cut aka Rebel Moon - the trailer is so preeeetty

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Also GenV Season 01 on prime is pretty bad a$$

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Loki is by far the best of the Marvel series.

Love the little details sprinkled in and it is like watching Spaceballs trying to catch the references.

Spoilers ES2:1

The discussion with OB was hilarious and the fact that the doorway to the loom control room had the following:

Mortal Danger
Extreme Temporal Radiation

Temporal Radiation Levels Escalate Exponentially Beyond This Threshold
Likelihood of Spaghettification Increases 7000%
Proceed with Caution

We paused to read exactly that!

Non spoilers:
The cinematography is even better then s1. More proper use of handheld cam, effects are as good or better then s1, casting is as good, I know it’s only e1, but wow what an e1!

They are keeping he pace going with S2E2

Ok we stayed up and ready last night, 9pm, no loki, hmmm, maybe if I exit and go back in, nope! Why???

Oh wait, it’s not Thursday. :person_facepalming:

I thought they were Tuesday like Ahsoka… so I thought I was late.


The Mandalorian dropped at 3:00 am ET/2:00 am CT. I’m a night owl in the Central Time Zone but I’m usually headed to bed by then.


Mis minutes!!

(S2e3 watched)

Is there a better closing credits musical score anywhere? I think not!


Final episode tomorrow at 9pm, we’ve got a lot to wrap up. I assume Renslayer and Miss Minutes (Speaking of Evil AI!) will come back into play.


My son and I have noticed that there are about 2 or 3 things in the end credits that haven’t appeared in an episode yet. Much like Season 1, a lot of things that happen have been there all along but we didn’t know what we were looking at.

Still waiting for a WOW from Mobius. Was hoping that would have happened with last week’s jet ski moments.

I also thought they missed an opportunity for Loki to ask for pie when Mobius asked if he wanted anything to eat.

Noticed that as Loki was moving through the empty TVA, there was also no pie in the cases.


I caught that too


Looking forward to the season finale.

I enjoy the scenes at the automat. They remind me of the documentary that came out a couple of years ago, “The Automat.” Documentaries are usually mundane viewing. This was one of the most fascinating and entertaining documentaries I’ve seen.

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Ok, I’m processing that.


Glorious Purpose!

This series has definitely been the best of the best.

The score, the humor, the weight of decisions, the conversations, the characters, etc. all have been top notch.

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(Now that the actors strike is over…)

Tom Hiddleston appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, and he discussed Loki and the Season 2 finale. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

The segment will probably be on YouTube soon.