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How does someone even get in this situation??

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amazon owes me 2 million they held my money for months my last payment was june 06/16 [Moderator Edit: removed inappropriate commentary] my funds wont be released i don’t understand how you can hold 2 million for 3 months and not know why its being held.


Tell him it might have something to do with $12,000 in sales and $8,000 in refunds. :laughing:

Or maybe it’s because he’s suspended (probably for fraud… see $12,000 in sales and $8,000 in refunds…). I assume he’s suspended, based on $0.00 sales from 9/8 to present.

He should probably be happy he milked it for a quarter of a million payment back in June, and just slink away quietly.


Those numbers actually make sense, because from what I gather his FBM is suspended due to a high ODR from selling used as new. So he’s basically down to a small amount of FBA sales, and the refunds are from the 2 million in sales. The surprising part is that the refund amount isn’t higher given his horrendous feedback. Someone posted this link there, I have no way to verify it but the feedback matches the rest of the story:

Given that his last payment was in June, I’m assuming he racked up that 2 million balance since then. I’m sure he received notifications saying they’re withholding payments (though based on his forum post he clearly didn’t read them). I don’t know why someone would keep their listings active and keep selling and shipping stuff when they’re not getting paid.

It is also possible the whole story’s fake and they made up the screenshot. I thought FBM sellers had velocity reviews where they wouldn’t be able to rack up that much in sales especially when they’re getting complaints.


Y I K E S seems fraudulent :grimacing:

Reviewed on September 13, 2023
Con artist selling refurbished items. Not forever to arrive and only got a refund after a reached out multiple times! Avoid this seller. Shady

Reviewed on September 11, 2023
We purchased this ninja creami on June 28th. It is not working, the mixer blade falls off when we try to start it. I called the Ninja customer service and they informed me we would need a new unit based upon the issues we are having. When they looked up the serial number they realized this machine is refurbished and that voids the warranty. The listing did not state this was refurbished. Furious!

ETA: LOL at several of the excellent NSFE responses. Tellin’ it like it is! This one had me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The REAL questions #nailedit


Yeah, a guy made 2 million in sales in a quarter but writes like a 12 year old. I would say it’s all bull except that seller account that was linked has enough feedback to corroborate the story. Looking at the feedback, it looks like he has feedback from at least 12 months ago (since the number goes higher if you switch from 12 months to lifetime). I guess that’s why he didn’t get stopped by a velocity review – it was just a few months ago he decided to sell off a few pallets of used stuff as new.

This is also why I don’t post there because apparently it’s really easy to link someone’s storefront to their forum account. Way way back you could register a fake seller account to post on the forums (I believe you could access the forums by just completing the first few steps of signup, so you didn’t need to input info like a credit card to actually activate the selling account) to avoid any privacy concerns, but nowadays I don’t think you can make a forum account that way anymore since it doesn’t let you create a seller account without doing a bunch of verification up front.

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Plenty of us didn’t assimilate to the NSFE exactly because of that, for a variety of reasons.

And SAS continues to offer the anonymity from the OSFE.

Huh. It wasn’t like that when I signed up–I actually had no idea that the ASF even existed until AFTER I’d been selling for several weeks! :grimacing: And it was a godsend. I learned so much.

Long live SAS.


Feedback shows used as new. Seller out of Brooklyn.Nice little twin brownstone. No way he’s 100% FBM and doing business out of that location.

EDIT, OMG, selling G-Shock & Casio Watches, Pandora, MLB Hats.

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It was a long time ago, I don’t remember what exactly you needed to do to get an account to be able to post on the forums, but all I remember is I had an account that wasn’t actually able to sell anything to use for the forums to post questions.

And yes… this guy’s selling MLB hats. IDK if he’s selling fakes or they’re used hats or what, but that seems suspicious. Same for the other stuff. It’s also possible that they bought this seller account from someone so they could have an account that has no velocity limits, but given how inept they sound on the forums I don’t think they know what a velocity limit is.

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Playing the devil’s advocate here, I could be wrong but they are linked to a retail location in the Diamond district in NYC. Not sure why they would be selling MLB hats when they seem to sell high end jewelry though.


You could be right


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Ever been to the diamond district in NYC? All the stores there are shady as ■■■■


Like everything in NYC some are very reputable some are not, but the diamond district is not the same as canal street.


$1900 dollar balance with the reset in the reserve. And no payouts.

I would like to look at his account health page for counterfeit and IP claims.


The Diamond District on 47th St is shrinking due to new construction.

There are some high quality dealers there, still.


Just sayin, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the dealers there was involved in a shady Amazon business.

Probably because you associate the religious sect many diamond sellers are part of with Ed Rosenberg.

Money laundering, and there’s a dedicated page to avoiding getting scammed in the diamond district.

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Between these comments and reading the two links from @GGX, I’ve learned the most I’ve ever known about “the diamond district”. It has never crossed my realm of experience to be interested in it, but it sounds like a scary place unless you’re connected or at a high level of gemstone knowledge.

Will avoid forever.

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To be fair, if you have no gemstone knowledge, you’ll probably get ripped off no matter where you buy a diamond.

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I never buy myself gems or jewelry. :woman_shrugging:

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