Looking for DVD seller

I realize this is not a forum to advertise/sell, but am hoping to find the seller here who does DVD movies. I am trying to find 3 for a customer. Don’t have to tell you all here what a sh** show it is to search Amazon. My main issue is that so many do not state what region they are for. Kind of important, when my customer is okay with subtitled foreign copies, but they do need to be Region 1.
I don’t mind muddling through and sending inquiries for one, but three is going to be to aggravating for me. Maybe the movie person here can PM me?

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Region 1 is US, Canada and Mexico.

If they are not published here, they are probably not region 1 compatible.

If the Amazon seller is not based in the US, it is unlikely they will be selling region 1 compatible DVDs.

There are some DVDs which are issued as all regions, but usually they are from small labels, not the studios.

On some other sites, sellers used to provide the original DVDs and rips which were converted to Region 1, but since the prices on DVDs have dropped, few will make the effort. On AMAZON, that was suicide.

I hope this is for a good, existing customer, because this is not easy, and carries risks.


Thanks Lake (sorry I have to capitalize it :grin:)

This is indeed a good customer of mine, but I can’t seem to make him realize that risk. And he would certainly pay for it even if it was not correct. But I would really rather not even go there.
He has seen these particular movies, so is certain they are available, thus my search. Though I’m not sure if he has seen them on HIS DVD player, or maybe just on line. He doesn’t seem to get that it is a whole different fettle of kish.

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If he did get it, he would try hacking his player to play all regions, or play any region on his PC and stream or cast to a TV with a Chromecast or Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

Or find a streaming service which has the movie.

My wife brings home DVDs from the library, rather than get off my butt to put the DVD in my player, I find a stream of it to watch. It drives her nuts, but not telling me what she wants to see before she goes to the library drives me nuts.


I would not consider myself a movie person or a DVD seller but that was fun.

I have 1 of the 3.

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Thanks Old-Timer, one out of three is better than zero out of three! I’ve PMd you my contact info.